Friday, May 29, 2009


Here's a few watch the episode to compare!

At a certain point, the three of us found a "formula" for the ghouls designs. Since there were so many to draw, you might be able to catch repeating head-shapes, etc. My favorite implements were the Eerie Comics-style hands and feet!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Back from a nice vacation; thanks for asking. I'll post some drawings of my sunburn later, but first, one of my favorite Samurai Jack Episodes I designed on was Episode #30 (I think)--the Graveyard/ZOMBIE eps.! I believe this was one of the first ones Jim Smith worked on as well, which was a real treat to work with one of my then heroes. I also loved any episode that I got to commiserate/work with fellow newbie/non-CalArt's alumn/outsider Shakeh Haghnazarian. Man, that chick could design like nobody's business! Like I had previously posted: having gone through my boxes of drawings and miscellaneous doodles for MY SKETCHBOOK, I had scanned a few from the stacks and piles. Here are a couple of my favorites...
Like some other designers I know, I actually enjoy drawing crowd scenes. I don't know, some of us either love it or loath it. Maybe it depends on the show, or workload--but I think for me it was the challenge of piecing together shapes; trying to make things fit and read. It can be a Tetris-like puzzle, but when it works, it works. Speaking of, I had a tendency to overwork a lot of crowds on Genndy's shows--eventually learning to simplify even more, liquidating the design shapes to even more recognizable quick-reads. Plus, I ran out of time! hahaha

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I guess if the last post was "strong", then this would be categorized as a "weak" drawing. Doodles, really. More to the point, phone doodles. I always seem to slip into just drawing heads.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


...anything "STRONG". Or from Charlatan Ball. Here's both.
He's not The Hulk, he's not The Thing...he's THUNK! And he will break you.


I'm in the middle of putting together a flier for a friend's graduation (a pedestrian task for anyone more or less skilled with assembling via photoshop; a Herculean ordeal for my limited knowledge, but I love putting these things together), and had scanned some images from one of my favorite books: "The American Circus: Wild, Weird and Wonderful 1901-1927".

I love how utterly depressed everyone looks.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I recently dug these designs for my first pilot, CIRCUS PEANUT. It was my first foray into Flash animation and Eric Pringle, Matt Danner and Aaron Simpson taught me how to break everything down onto separate layers and so forth. It should be noted that this was Flash, if not in it's infancy, then it's toddler years. Per the design aesthetic, I'm more or less happy with what I came up with at the time, though I suppose had I drawn these now, I'd definitely push some more appealing shapes and features.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


I couldn't be happier to see the growing success of my very good friend and occasional collaborator, SHAUN CROMWELL. For those of you who happened to see my very first foray into animation pilots, Shaun did the rootsy score for CIRCUS PEANUT. Since then, he's worked on other movies, TV shows and currently headlining folk festivals around the country. Aside from painting this CD cover and designing with Charlatan Ball co-collaborator Ben Kalina, the music itself is some of the most sophisticated, introspective and whimsical songs I've ever heard. Listen to some of the tracks on his site or ORDER THE ALBUM FROM HERE.

Check out this video...

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Recently I've been getting quite a few email requests for commissions. Not having considered it before, I took this one on as a test and discovered I really enjoyed it. If you'd also like a piece of original art like this, go ahead and let me know!
MY COMMISSION RATES are as follows:
LARGE B&W--11"x14" (on comic page; as shown above) is $100 for a single character, $50 for every character after that.
SMALL B&W and SOME COLOR--8.5"x11" (on comic book backing board; like the ones I send out with my tees and books) is $50, usually only one character.

Your best bet is to allow me to let my imagination loose, but won't think less of you if you ask me for a specific character! hahaha

All money is in USD; payable to my PAYPAL ACCOUNT. I'm still figuring out what shipping will be and the best way to ship. Feel free to contact me with questions and hopefully your requests:

ALSO: If there's a particular ORIGINAL COMIC BOOK PAGE of mine you'd like to hang on your wall or use as a place matte; let me know. I'll try and post about this soon. In the meantime, sift through your issues of CN BLOCKPARTY, BATMAN: BRAVE & THE BOLD and CHARLATAN BALL to pick out which pages you want!


Tuesday, May 05, 2009


I recently saw THIS during my ritual-like scanning of Ebay for Jack Kirby original pages (that I cannot afford, mind you--but fulfills my need for self-afflicted abuse!). This apparently is being billed as a Kirby penciled cover for The Phantom. I haven't investigated further to find out if it's valid.
Whether this is true or not; I really love the design of the dwarf! And that four-armed chick...I'm guessing she'll seep into my not-so-subtle subconscious and appear in Season 2 of Charlatan Ball.