Saturday, June 25, 2011


This was a series of 5 prints done for the WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER-themed show at GALLERY 1988 in Venice, CA. I was unable to make the opening (or subsequent days following due to an endless onslaught of deadlines), but was told all 5 prints, including the framed one, SOLD OUT!

This great but confusing news: I did a completely digital piece for the first time because my schedule didn't allow any "proper" oil painting before the deadline (which is generally always my first choice). So it's confusing, because if I'VE crossed that digital threshold, where does that put my stance as to what's considered "fine art" and what I've always dismissed as "design" or as I was once fond to say: "the shit us animators throw away every day at our JOBS". Food for thought. This time I'm the one eating at the table...

Thursday, June 23, 2011


I'm usually savvy enough to not post freelance--for a number of reasons, but I thought these were too fun and eventually revised so much they don't appear too similar to the final products, thus hopefully legally off the hook for posting.
The job required parody's of Marvel Super Heroes. Needless to say, it was probably my most favorite job--less any work Marvel wants to throw my way....? *crickets* No? Okay, moving on...

Below, a slight twist on a classic (I think the hat was a nice touch).
The HULK parody below was probably my favorite--as I have a fondness for the sort of hillbillyness of it's design.
And these two, well...
You can see the actual short here:

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


After a literal revolving door of colorists for DOC BIZARRE MD, the schedule constituted me taking back the reigns of color duties, for better or for worse. I'm hoping I'm not spoiling anything by posting my rough thumbnail color scripts here. I hid the line art so not to reveal any plot points--although, if I was more than an ounce more skillful, you could technically be able to surmise plot through "feeling" the mood of the story through it's color pallet. But looking below, I'm sorry to say the story stays safely ambiguous. Let me know what you think.
Do the colors carry you on an emotional journey or do you need an airbag?