Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I'm not entirely sure why I've been keeping it under wraps, maybe I'm afraid they're liable to take me off at any second--but I'm the artist on the new BATMAN: BRAVE & the BOLD series hitting comic shop shelves tomorrow. It's based on the new animated show, which I helped with for a minute (more on the fun yet bittersweet sting of working on someone else's take on Plastic Man later)--design-wise, the show was/is attempting something somewhere between Bruce Timm and Genndy Tartakovsky's CLONE WARS stuff--which, as you know I worked on. James Tucker is a genius, as well as Ben Jones--who are really giving the show a its own "voice", separating it from all the other attempts at the Caped Crusader. The mood of the show is light, "jazzy" and intentionally (I think) cheesy. I read an article about it that said: "It's The Dark Knight without the darkness", which I thought was pretty dead-on. In the end, it's just fun--and I've had a blast working on the book with MATT WAYNE, who's an incredible writer and super collaborative, creative and cool; he's able to totally harness that tongue and cheek "wink, wink, nudge, nudge" feeling of the show (in which he writes, as well), and carry it over to the comic's medium. Plus, he doesn't use too much dialog balloons to muck up the pages! hahaha. Seriously, couldn't imagine anyone else writing these. I'm also still working with DAN DAVIS, an amazing artist in his own right, who's inked my stuff on the GYM PARTNER books and RACHEL GLUCKSTERN, our editor at DC.

Look at these amazing finishes by Dan: That being said, I doubt anyone would have hired me had they knew I was using these old HOSTESS FRUIT PIES ads as inspiration (hey, the show hadn't aired yet!). Here are some of my pencils from a sequence from issue #1 and you'll see what I mean. Can't you picture Lex Luthor (the old, WAYNE BORING version--Matt's idea) licking his chops, eating some of that "flaky goodness"?This page below is the perfect spot for the Hostess Fruit Pie ad:

P.S. Sorry for making POWER GIRL look like a tranny.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Digging through some of my old files from mine and Tom Kenny's PLASTIC MAN PILOT @ WB a few years back, I came across designs for Plas' parole officer, ARCHIE BRONSON. Little known fact: Dynamite Jones was originally created to be Plas' mentor and boss, but after initial notes from DC Comics, we decidedly went another direction and came up with this diminutive supporting character, unabashedly inspired by ROBERT FORSTER's "Max Cherry, Bail Bondsman" from Jackie Brown. GEORGE LIQUOR comparisons aside, Archie also has as much to owe to Yogi's BOO BOO Bear, than John K. Although he does owe a lot. Especially his rage.

+ +


And...We even modeled Archie's office after his...
(I'll try and dig up other views. Beautiful work by SEONNA HONG and layouts from BILL FLORES)

Apparently Tom ran into Robert Forster at a Christmas party--and talked about of all things, Plastic Man, his favorite superhero! He was flattered to be the point of reference and supposedly loved the dvd of our short Tom gave him.

Looking back at these drawings now, they are in no way "great" design theories. At least not as much as I thought they were. But they made sense to me at the time.

I'd actually love to do a show or comic team-up w/Dynamite and grizzled ex-cop with a sensitive side Archie.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


A big THANK YOU goes out to the women in my life...no, my lovely wife--if you're reading this, it isn't how it sounds...but the other day, an incredibly talented artist from Missouri sent me something that not only made my day, but made me humbled--by her skill...using traditional medium (markers, prismacolors, etc)--you've might have seen it on her blog, but take a gander at her SCARLET WENCH drawing!!!

Thanks a million, KRISTEN McCABE! She is possibly one of the most talented cartoonists I've seen out there in Blog Country. Each drawing is textured and tactile. Her lines and form retain their energy--can't say enough about this talented chick...except she does live in Missouri. hahaha

Awhile ago, I had the good fortune to trade super hero drawings with another amazingly talented--and obscenely popular (!) (she averages 50+ comments on each post, I'm not insinuating anything, but...hehee) artist from Toronto, Canada (she's not a girl I made up, I swear!). I think I did a GREEN LANTERN for her--the Hal Jordan version, she was very specific (sorry, Guy Gardner...perhaps someday). She, in turn did this amazing LUKE CAGE and MISTY KNIGHT!


He might not look like one, but CIRCUS PEANUT is a super hero to me. This first piece is a collaboration between myself and TINY PICNIC'S MICHELLE BICKFORD. I've talked about her work before--but she's so multi-talented it warrants further discussions. Visit one of her many sites and buy something!

She's also good at assemblages...
Not to mention all of the cool things she's sent me over the years. Who could ever forget the ANDY UPDATES BOARD GAME!!

Thanks, ladies!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


It's a sad day. "The Village" finally cracked my favorite secret agent. PATRICK McGOOHAN passed away today.

I'd like to think THIS is how he went...

Thursday, January 08, 2009


Our resident Chaos Mage, Demon Empty, will have some goodies in store for you shortly...And not just Hostess Fruit Pies...but close.
Some fun CHARLATAN BALL items coming up soon. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


The climatic battle...

Dynamite discovers the "mandroids" Achilles heel: they just happen to be made of 3/4 chains! Convenient, non?

A few pages and many destroyed robots later, the battle escalates and Dynamite devolves into a chain-breaking maniac...
A few pages after that...

Add some super hero banter and The Power Cosmic...
And this is what everyone in the room thought after I pitched the entire board: And it more or less continued like this for 45 minutes.