Sunday, August 29, 2010


Another FREE sketch (separate from the one inside the book), with an order of my hardcover. Thanks, Craig! Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


This commission request sort of thru me for a loop. I'll admit, I never read a single issue of EX MACHINA. I love Brian K. Vaughan's work--but realistic takes on superheroes in real situations never really excites me. That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of drawing something so insanely detailed and pulling it into my style, which is admittingly more expressive, than photo realistic.

How do you get commissions? Ask me; or become Brian Winkeler's friend! : )


One of my favorite character's to draw. This was a recent commission request and ultimately birthday gift for the aforementioned Kevin.


This one went out to Kevin Blankenship at Check him out!


Do YOU want a drawing of alien's 'doing' it? You CAN: just order one of my ART OF ANDY hardcover sketchbooks (link in column on the left). I've been feeling pretty generous lately; I've been including commission sketches with each order at no charge. Not sure how long that will last...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


If you've seen me, it's probably no surprise that this former ALPHA FLIGHT member was one of my favorite characters in the Marvel Universe.


After discovering this past SDCC that another book with a very similar theme has recently closed the gap on coincidental similarities, I'm going to have to start withholding a whole bunch from this project. I'm aware this happens all the time and similar ideas are striking all over the place at once; and admittingly this isn't the most original, being inspired no less than certain Japanese manga that's come before.

I will say it's coming along great, especially now that I've turned off the cintiq and picked back up my brush pens. The above isn't an example of either, as it is 100% digital. I just wanted to experiment a bit after a visit/lesson for the incredibly talented Uncle Phil.


Sobering circumstances necessitated this paintings start to completion in two days; photographed then shipped (while still slightly wet--oils, after all). This was actually the very first painting I've done in over a year. I had to crack open my paints and brush off the cobwebs. Hope you enjoy.

The No Prize goes to those of you that spots Daredevil!


Let's be honest. Twitter is an extremely creatively lazy way to waste time. But it's also a very convenient way to communicate with peers you've might've never had the opportunity to communicate with before. Case in point: Brian Winkeler. He and artist Dave Curd have an amazing property entitled BASTARD ROAD, which has appeared in the (Eisner Award winning) anthology POPGUN from Image Comics.
Another good thing about Twitter, it give me another forum to peddle my wares (since I still refuse a facebook account). Brian was cool enough to order my hardcover. I in turn included an original sketch of his characters. BASTARD ROAD is truly an amazing, fun read. I definitely cannot recommend high enough. If you liked R. Grampa's MESMO DELIVERY, you'll really dig their book.
Brian was so cool, he even put together the above snapshot for his Twitter Followers.

You can check out Bastard Road HERE. Dave Curd HERE and Brian Winkeler HERE.


I know I tweeted about this; but for those of you not following, this page was from an issue of BATMAN THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD that was prematurely canceled before I could finish. I was having a lot of fun designing and drawing Animal Man for this incarnation of the character.
The word on the street is this title will be restarted at another publisher. No word yet on whether I'll be asked to contribute. I sure hope so, it was so fun to work on and with people like J. Torres and Dan Davis, to name a few.