Thursday, July 30, 2009


The CHARLATAN BALL TPB comes out this Wednesday! Come on by GOLDEN APPLE on Melrose and say hi!

A BIG P.S. Thanks to all of you that have emailed and contacted me recently--my apologies in the delay in response; but I've just moved and have yet to set up any sort of modem or email device! It's in one of these boxes somewhere...


As promised, or threatened (depending how you took my last post); here are some sketches and commissions I did during the con...

I only brought a red pen--so thank you Andy Khun for supplying the yellow!

This dude asked me what my favorite Teen Titans character was. This was my answer.

Lots and lots of Samurai Jack sketches.

There's another Hulk I did floating around. The first one was a pity commission, I think--thanks for letting me put him on the can. The other one I did sitting around the booth during a lull.

Epoch was my Demon Empty of this year. Absolutely love drawing him. FYI, he's the kid in Doc Bizarre M.D. And here's some more characters from the same upcoming title...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


To keep in the spirit of online post-con updates, I will do my best to provide you with mine. First of all, THANK YOU to everyone that stopped by my booth--intentional or otherwise! Sold a bunch of CHARLATAN BALL TRADE PAPERBACKS (available in stores next week!), some ART OF ANDY HARD COVER and did a lot of commission sketches. I really enjoy meeting new folks, reacquainting with old friends and all those that fall in between. This was my 2nd year working the floor/table under the Image Comics Banner--I still have some tweaks to work out, but all in all, meeting the likes of Trevor, Sean, Adam and their gang, Michael, Tim, Robert and his son Michael made it all worth while. Getting to display next to Glen Brunswick (Jersey Gods), Mike Allred and family (Madman), Andy Khun and Phil Hester (Firebreather) was super, super cool. Then there was my table mates--seriously, I was sandwiched between Elvis and The Beatles by way of David Mack (Kabuki) and Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie and Matthew Sheret (the boys of Phonogram). Their tables had queues that were almost always at least three or four deep (usually girls!)--they were 100% rockstars of the medium; and they couldn't have been nicer.
Sort-of-beginning of the weekend optimism.

If you weren't able to make it down to San Diego this year, this is the sort of display I dig; if not a little over the top.

It happened to occur to me that every time someone commented on a costume, it was always accompanied by some sort of preface like: "bald Superman" or "old Wonder Woman". I'll be nice about the pic above and just say it was "animated series Storm".

There was some speculation as to whether or not this Raper/Rapee duo was actually mother and son.

No joke; sure, this was someone from TITMOUSE STUDIOS (no pun intended), dressed as The Pro--but this year's con really brought out an onslaught of for real call girls and prostitutes, as witnessed coming and going from the hotels (I shared my room with 3 other dudes, mind you). Gotta give them props; it's pretty smart of them to capitalize on the event. On a completely unrelated note, I found it strange to discover 2(!) exes that have absolutely nothing to do with comics in attendance and working...weird. Almost as weird as seeing Jeff Conway signing at the Wizard booth with the other Celebrity Rehab creepazoids.

Two legends of the field: modern master David Mack (in a rare moment with a non-female fan), talking to none other than Jim (Nick Fury: Agent of Shield) Steranko! I swear to you my goal in this lifetime is to look just like him when I get older.

It was also a convention of reconnecting with old friends and colleagues. Here's a few: Michelle Bryan, Steve Marmel (creator of Disney's Cloudy with a Chance) and Bob Boyle (creator of Ying Yay Yo and Wow Wow Wubbzy)

My two new favorite people in the whole world. Robert and Michael, had I finished packing up early like I planned, I would never have met the best father in son in matching awesome Kirby Surfer tees team from Texas on the planet! You made my con. Best of luck in your endeavors, my like-minded friend.

And home again in time to see my favorite band (and Imperfect Duplicates of Dodger Dare composers), The Starlight Mints playing at the Troubadour in LA.

I'll post some of my drawings and sketches from the con next.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Just announced at the Image Comic's Panel:

This time we're delving into the horror/supernatural medical genre. It's been a long time coming; you can actually uncover clues I left in a couple of the last year's posts. I'm absolutely loving doing this book.


San Diego Comicon is upon us once again and this year I'll be sharing a table once more under the Image Comics banner; BOOTH #2729.

Along with selling my remaining 40 copies of THE ART OF ANDY SKETCHBOOKS, COMICS and TEE-SHIRTS, we'll be releasing the CHARLATAN BALL TPB!!! This collects issues #1-6, as well as being JAM PACKED full of sketches, development and BRAND NEW ARTWORK!

Joe Casey and I will also be doing a signing THURSDAY, JULY 23rd from 2-3pm at the Image Comics signing table 1.

Come see me at either of these places and say hi. Dress as a character from Charlatan Ball and I'll GIVE you a TPB for free!


I've recently received almost all of my original comic pages back from DC Comics' BATMAN BRAVE & THE BOLD, MY GYM PARTNER IS A MONKEY--as well as CHARLATAN BALL from Image. CLICK ON THIS LINK, or the one at the bottom of the "SHOP ANDY" column to the left. I'm still uploading and organizing, so please bare with me and check back often. Of course, any questions and inquiries, don't hesitate to contact me at:

Thursday, July 16, 2009


I thought it would be fun to post some key poses from one of the animation layout sequences I did for the HAUNTED HOUSE EPISODE of SAMURAI JACK...

This consequently was the episode I won an Annie Award for.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


I thought it would be fun to see the progression and all the covers together, in succession, with logos...

...and it should be noted that you are only seeing HALF of the art here: these were double-page WRAPAROUND COVERS!

The weekend of Comic Con, pick up the CHARLATAN BALL TPB collection to see them in their entirety, without the logos or anything obstructing the art.

Friday, July 10, 2009


Here are some inks from those blue lines and thumbnails I posted recently. I'm really trying to discipline myself and learn shadows and spotting blacks throughout the page...

P.S. Even though the label for this post is Charlatan Ball, it isn't. Big reveal coming at Comic Con...

Monday, July 06, 2009


Another commission I did recently. Scott, the recipient should have received by now...
Well, the cleaned-up final version below--not the rough above! Just thought it interesting that the roughest, most scribbly sketch ever, turned into one of my tightest inks:
"Look! Superman's pal, Jimmy Olsen's got a new iPhone!"

Then here's a Batman and Kid Eternity team-up I did in my sketchbook, purchased by the incredible J. Torres:
I could draw 'the Kid forever--or I should say, an Eternity! (rim-shot)

Sunday, July 05, 2009


As I'm sure many of you out there are as well, I'm a huge fan of supermen-like advertisements on the side of trucks, vans and stores. Usually, the worse, the better--but for the second month in a row, BOGIE'S LIQUOR on Melrose and Vine, here in Hollywood has had some pretty kick-ass window paintings depicting the likes of SUPERMAN (promoting Father's Day, of course); and up this past week was CAPTAIN AMERICA! He really ISN'T dead! But, better than ripping off a LOST storyline (sorry, "Reborn" spoiler!), he's risen to announce the celebration of America's independence...and spread the word of the savings you can get purchasing alcohol inside their establishment. Bravo!