Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Along with taking on far too much freelance (that just happens to be due @ the same time); I've managed to squeeze in more CHARLATAN BALL work. I am currently putting the finishing touches on book #3. Since I am the one inking the pages, I go only as far as blue-line pencils, eliminating the usual step of then tightening up in graphite. That being said, sometimes the blue's fade or are too light when I go to lay the ink down--forcing me to do my best at decyphering blue clouds...

Book #3 has been alot of fun for me; not only has JOE CASEY been writing some amazing, weird, hilarious stuff (check out the tiny aliens riding in musical notes)...and there's a line from this issue I will post in another batch that still cracks me up--but I feel as if I'm finally finding a rhythm, increasing my vocabulary in terms of page and panel layouts, compostions, etc...we'll see--I'd still like to get a whole lot better. And I'm still having trouble leaving enough room for word balloons!? Oh well...maybe in book #4.

Monday, June 18, 2007


...was my all-time FAVORITE; by the way.

And the inspiration behind many Carl the Circus Peanut scripts and storyboards (that unfortunately have only been read by a handfull of executives).


...and I wish they would "sell". The racial stereo-typing not-withstanding, but I miss good, old-fashioned cartoons!

Watching the new Tex Avery DROOPY COLLECTION DVD's that just came out; I LAUGHED. LAUGHED at a cartoon. It's been awhile--and the previous time was while watching another old collection of animation. They were just simple, brilliant, sight gags. No talking...and when there was, man, did those one or two syllables carried weight. It reminded me WHY I wanted to draw cartoons; of why I moved out to LA from Detroit (via the world). It was shortly after pitching my first few ideas; no, actually BEFORE that when I was designing the 1st season of FAIRLY ODDPARENTS--when I'd receive S+P notes. "What?! Why not?!?" Then onwards while producing CIRCUS PEANUT, then PLASTIC MAN, etc...when I realized you COULDN’T make those kinds of "cartoons". Heaven for bid there is no dialogue, no "emotional weight" or "high-risk stakes". "You can't just have a cat chase a mouse for 11 minutes!"


And though I can concede that a duck putting a gun to his head and blowing his bill to the other side of his face might send the wrong message regarding firearms to kids; I still think there remains a universal standard of humor in the context of a lion unzipping his skin, or boulder accidentally missing the painted red "x" on the pavement and instead, flattens the protagonist...and no, I don't think I'm being nostalgic, I think I'm seeing entertainment thru the eyes of a kid...and I've got the focus-test results to prove it.*

*(Man, I wish I could figure out how to link the pdf HERE!)


Friday, June 15, 2007


15 minutes. Literally. That's about how long the world (wide-web), got the opportunity to view the PLASTIC MAN PILOT. It had been posted on youtube when I woke up, then taken down by WB laywers by breakfast. Oh well, it was the most exciting fifteen minutes I could remember.

Yes; it's been awhile...they say time heals all wounds...well, whomever said that hadn't produced three pilots that hadn't been picked up! Anyhow, as some may recall, the Plastic Man pilot had mysteriously made it's way on to the web (and almost immediately taken down); to stellar reviews. It was on BOING BOING, CARTOON BREW and a slew of other sites that seemed obscure to me until I saw how populated they were. But I have to tell you, one of the highlights of my career, was to have Harry Knowles himself, write such glowing praise. And yes, typing this DOES make me feel good. Say what you will, but I've been a huge fan of Aintitcool.com since I even HEARD about the advent of this In-ter-net. It was indeed a proud moment.

Click on this link to see: PLAS ON AINTITCOOLNEWS

On a side note: I've even ventured on to the LOST discussion boards and forums on aintitcool--usually to have some slug totally "cyber"-slam me for some small, misquote, or something...but I just took it as getting my cherry popped.

The Imperfect Duplicates of Dodger Dare on YOUTUBE!!!

...in case you haven't already seen it.