Thursday, May 31, 2007


I'm sure there are even more recent images that you've already seen--I just wanted to make my excitement visable.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Well; they may appear to be tighter than that--but I assure you, I brought 4 or 5 markers and pens and "doodled" them sitting on a porch over the weekend. Not the traditional pencil studies per say--but rough concepts and brain-spewing for possible future "Magic-Champions" from other dimensions for future issues of CHARLATAN BALL (still not out yet...or solicited).

These are all completely-derivative; (not to mention lame)..."inspired" by all of the MARVEL UNIVERSE's from the ' compiled and rebublished and sitting next to my desk.

I will post some ACTUAL rough drawings (which might be better)of more ideas and conceptual stuff later this week...if you're interested. At all.

I'm partial to my DR. FATE knockoff.

Thursday, May 24, 2007


It's actually really hard posting some of these because each page has at least one or two panels that pretty much blow--but then in another corner of the page is one I really like! Oh well, still a work in progress, I suppose...



Some new scans of the new marker comps I did for no reason whatsoever...

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Star Wars: Clone Wars without Genndy...

Somewhere (in Jamaica), Paul Rudish sheds a tear...


BHP INTERIOR PAGES: Byron and His Balloon Animals


"...the best cartoons not on TV!"

Self-fulfilling prophecy?!? Yikes.

Some of you have told me you actually OWN these little known 'gems'. hehehe. I saw a great review somewhere that I'll have to dig up (something to the affect of: " the very least, a chuckle.") Hilarious.

I look at these and think of all those late nights, over ten years ago, sweating and feverishly cutting ZIPATONE...most of the ideas were contrivant and lame...while others, okay, maybe only one--may still spark a creative flame within me now. Hmm.

A more than partial love-letter(s) to John K. and Spumco; I did issue #1 and pencils for #2 back home in Michigan...from my parents basement: "Aaaaandy, time for supper!". Looking for a way OUT of Detroit and IN to animation, I used these as my portfolio, of sorts. Luckily, an art director had actually seen one prior to my arrival--which helped immensly; though I still had to test....which I failed. I think it was for Futurama when it was first starting. John K never actually even opened my portfolio. I know: I had it rigged w/a tell-tale piece of tape!

These images are from my BHP website, which was designed by art director extaordinair Doug Griffith (he was the Macskinz/Podskinz creator). Only 2 issues came out and I think I made a total of $200. Hopefully CHARLATAN BALL will take off and I will be able to sell some of the SEVEN ADDITIONAL BOXES Image Comics gave me!

"Buy it now, on ebay!"

I was curious and took a peek online...apparently going for HALF of the cover price! Though it appears shipping alone would be 3 times the price! hahaha

Lisa Loeb's promo for Dodger!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


My animated short: "THE IMPERFECT DUPLICATES OF DODGER DARE" premieres THIS FRIDAY, 5/18/07 @ 7:55pm on the DISNEY CHANNEL!

Go to: for details.

Click on this link, and you will also see an ONLINE GAME for Dodger Dare sometime this week!
(I believe it will be up the day the short premieres) Plus you will be able to EMAIL DODGER as well!

If you scroll down to the bottom of the linked page, there is also very specific information on how to subscribe to the Shorty Podcast (via ITUNES)--or just go to the Itunes Store, type in “Shorty McShorts” in the search bar and hit subscribe.

Monday, May 07, 2007


Per Joe's suggestion; the fur cape and boots have been replaced by flames.

Saturday, May 05, 2007


Sometimes drawing with ball-point pen is so freeing. You can almost achieve grey tones and line variations. Phone pads also provide a freedom from permanence (sp?) as well. This phone doodle was one of many and of many days chewing on a character design for CHARLATAN BALL #3...I actually had picked one (also after several sketches) a few months back but wast never quite happy with it. It had been eating at me and eating at me and as I find myself nearing penciling this section of issue #3, could hold back no longer. I will try and post some of the initial concept ones, as well as the final one of where this one goes...though I am pleased by this, we'll see what JOE CASEY (writer/partner) thinks. The character's name is WRATHBURN, who's dimension happens to be called EMBERLAND...

When I first read thru Joe's breakdowns, I imagined a sort of BARON KARZA from MICRONAUTS...then decided to pull more crazy KIRBY-isms into it and incorporate DRAGON-MAN (from the Marvel Universe) proportions. After seeing PATHFINDER last night with my date with DARRICK BACHMAN, I realized my initial, gut response for the character was probably best. He needs to be more of a bad-ass, lord of the realm sort--and hopefully this captures it.

...and yes, that's a mouth in his stomach.

Here is the Dragon-Man version from before:

And this was the initial rough done on the actual back of Joe's breakdowns--done with a SHARPIE and whatever else was laying around next to the computer...

Thursday, May 03, 2007