Friday, December 29, 2006

Mighty Marvel Team Up!!! PART 2

Well, since no one sent me any drawings, I did one myself. C'mon! Email me, let's get this gallery rolling!

*It sould be noted that I did this piece in my BRAND NEW place!!! I've got a seperate studio and this was actually the first drawing I did in the new space! I also am sick and did it with a fever...

Friday, December 01, 2006


WHERE ARE ALL THE TEAM-UP drawings, folks?!? DeStefano, it would be MY DREAM to see your take on Luke, Doc and Cap Brit--

A quick note: Steve Lambe makes NO SOUNDS when he eats. I did very much enjoy lunch with both he and Chris Battle last week @ Ribs USA...MAN'S food. Jorge Guitierez knows what I'm talking 'bout! If I knew how to do links, their blogs would be here:

...but I don't and I'm sleepy. Perhaps with more energy--

Anyhow; here are a few more pitch pieces...not saying they'll BE anything--nor are they all related...but...I actually went to WB last Sunday and created 6 new show ideas and 16 new marker comps...what did YOU do?! Oh, you mean actually SOLD a show? ummm...

Have fun guessing the show ideas! I love to hear 'em...