Wednesday, August 27, 2008


...I believe is what I said in my ART OF ANDY Sketchbook. Those who've picked one up know what I'm talking about. Those that haven't...should pick up the book!

TM and COPYRIGHT Andy Suriano

Monday, August 25, 2008


There's a fellow artist I've known for longer than I've been out in LA. Her blog is called TINY PICNIC, her name is MICHELLE BICKFORD, though sometimes she goes by "BIC". Anyway, she is phenomenal--at ANY style of craft. She's also lots of collectors "best kept secret". She shouldn't be. Together with her man (and fellow friend and a phenom of designer himself), created MACSKINZ and PODSKINZ a few years back. You may recall their artists series featuring Bill Wray, Tim Biskup, Coop...and those were the LEAST famous characters of the bunch!

Anyway, her newest work reminds me of those old copper wall-hangers from the 60's. They're all affordable and unique, completely one-of-a-kind pieces. Like a mad scientist, she's Frankensteined yet another idea, check out these gift/wine bag tags. Genius. I'm about to order a set. You can to at HER STORE SITE.

The kitchy, above mentioned wall-hangers...

And then, not to be outdone in any medium, her jewelry is out of this world. The missus, my wife owns a pair of gold, cherub earrings!

To get the total breadth of her work, go to her main site HERE, then I emplore you to check out all her site(s). Navigate around their websites, it's fun and well-designed to say the least--and explore all the many facets of this incredible, multiphrenic, reclusive artist.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


The group show is called: "CRAZY 4 CULT 2: This Time it's Personal". Hosted by Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier (of Clerks fame) at GALLERY 1988, this Friday night, August 22nd, 7-11pm. Their info, address and directions are here.

"Pee Wee and His Dog Spec: Before the Curious Incident with the Bike"
Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas
24"x30" the deal with this piece was we had to do something representing a "cult"-type movie(s) (list included)...being one to recognize most quote unquote "cult" movies are now widely accepted, thus no longer subversive, but rather welcomed into the mainstream consciousness--I attempted to make life hard on myself by sketching out a painting for one of the weirdest films I'd scene: "GUMMO". When I went to pop in my DVD to reference a specific scene (where he's eating spaghetti in the bath), I discovered the disc missing...(so whoEVER you are that's borrowed it, give it back! AND my copy of "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang"...Ian.) hahaha Anyhow, I then switched subject matter and began actually painting a scene I made up from Jim Jarmusch's "Deadman". Almost finished, I didn't think anyone would see my 'irony' of painting style vs. subject matter, so I scrapped that piece too. So what you see above is more or less my compromise plus an exercise in painting my cartoon/animation-style designs. Who knows, perhaps that irony will fall on deaf ears, no, wait, blind--oh, you know what I mean. Hope you make the show or visit their website *(and buy my piece!).

Monday, August 18, 2008


Go get some!!!

Attempting to evoke a bit of Jack Kirby's "LOVE COMICS" from the 1960's, issue 3 is our romance issue.

WWW.COMICBOOKRESOURCES.COM has the first five pages on display here.

...and if you haven't already, order "The Art of Andy" via the paypal buttons on side, or ride on over to HOUSE OF SECRETS in Burbank and pick yourself up a copy (or twelve).

*And if you HAVE ordered a book, drop me a line and let me know what you thought!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


We're exactly 1 week away from issue #3 hitting the shelves (mark your calenders!). Instead of posting up a preview of what you'll see next week, I thought I'd post bits and pieces of CHARLATAN BALL #5, coming out in October (which feels like a long ways away!).

I actually had some of these originals floating around in a portfolio at the con. Until my good friend and collaborator BEN KALINA scans them at full size, I've managed to pick and choose a piece-mealed sampler for you...

Issue 5 has a lot of big-robot-action:

Here's the same image, only in it's preliminary state:

To add to the thrilling excitement is a...BANK!

Pulse pounding BANK MANAGER-ACTION! haha

And one of the coolest characters around: "THE HOST", part David Bowie, part Chuck Woolery--

And no comic book is complete without WILFORD BRIMLEY!

...yeah, it's a strange comic book.