Friday, December 29, 2006

Mighty Marvel Team Up!!! PART 2

Well, since no one sent me any drawings, I did one myself. C'mon! Email me, let's get this gallery rolling!

*It sould be noted that I did this piece in my BRAND NEW place!!! I've got a seperate studio and this was actually the first drawing I did in the new space! I also am sick and did it with a fever...

Friday, December 01, 2006


WHERE ARE ALL THE TEAM-UP drawings, folks?!? DeStefano, it would be MY DREAM to see your take on Luke, Doc and Cap Brit--

A quick note: Steve Lambe makes NO SOUNDS when he eats. I did very much enjoy lunch with both he and Chris Battle last week @ Ribs USA...MAN'S food. Jorge Guitierez knows what I'm talking 'bout! If I knew how to do links, their blogs would be here:

...but I don't and I'm sleepy. Perhaps with more energy--

Anyhow; here are a few more pitch pieces...not saying they'll BE anything--nor are they all related...but...I actually went to WB last Sunday and created 6 new show ideas and 16 new marker comps...what did YOU do?! Oh, you mean actually SOLD a show? ummm...

Have fun guessing the show ideas! I love to hear 'em...

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


--How cool would it be to have CAPTAIN BRITAIN, DR.STRANGE and LUKE CAGE battling a giant gold cherub?...we'll call it Galactus' baby!!! ...okay maybe not that cool--but I would LOVE to see all of you DRAW THIS SCENE and monumental team-up!!!

*OH YEAH! Send me your sure-to-be-awsome jpegs @ so I can post them here! (yes, yes, along with links! Arrghh! I'm sorry I suck @ computer-speak. Unlike Chris Battle and Steve Lambe!)

Friday, November 03, 2006

I can't say what this is...but there will be more--

...and I PROMISE to have LINKS up by this weekend! Lambe and Battle: lunch next week? Friday?

Thursday, October 26, 2006


2380 Glendale Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA. 90039

Saturday, October 14, 2006


I can't really say what these are; since someone's using to pitch Adult Swim next week. But I liked 'em and thought I'd share...pretty funny concept, and I got to work with Alan Burnett (old Batman animated guy).

P.S. can someone/Chris Battle tell me AGAIN--HOW TO ADD LINKS, urls, etc...?! I would love to put connections to all of your blogs and sites--but, I'm afraid I'm an imbecile. I ask Phil Rynda ("America's Favorite Uncle") or my buddy Ben Kalina (PM over @ WB) how to "restart" my know, headscratchers like that, on a weekly basis.

My favorite marker comps for Charlatan Ball#1

Pages 3 and 15...

--this is taking me FOREVER to finish. Mostly because all of my markers are in my office @ WB. I haven't been there too often these days, preparing for my painting show on the 27th. There's no deadline for the comic, per say--but since this will be a monthly series, me and Joe Casey (the writer) and IMAGE COMICS (the publisher) agreed to wait and solicite until we have three books in the can (buying us time in the future). Sometimes I think (I) need a deadline, though, so I have a definative goal--when to cram for. YOU know what I'm talking about! How often do we wait until the last week of 4 to do our storyboard, or model pack?! How many days spent exchanging dirty drawings of production coordinators, or meandering around cubes until lunch? Anyone else used to crawl under their desks and sleep on the pile of gym clothes they had accumilated down there?? Just me? Ahh...I remember on Samurai Jack, when they had the Xbox set up w/ the huge TV. I never knew how to play--but I was good at watching! Chris Battle had skills, I recall! Charlie Bean got really into it as well.

I also think I'm crazy for trying to pencil, ink and color. Anyone want to help me? I always wanted to do a book with Justin Thompson doing amazingly surreal landscapes and cities. He's genius. Also Dan Krall. Both BG layout Gods to me.

Anyway, like any art director, my concept for this book would have a definative color style--since the main character "Chuck", gets transported from bizaar world to bizaar world (like SLIDERS), in a transdimensional deathmatch with dueling, real magicians (Chuck being only a slight of hand Earthman)--I want each destination to have a distinctive, unique feel.

Here's a couple of other pages I did that I'm happy with. These will actually go to a digital colorist, btw--who will hopefully interpret correctly if he's got any color sense at all.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

I want this toy!!!

Why wasn't there one of these when I was growing up?? I know, some folks think these Marvel Legends figures are sick and overarticulated. They're right. But where else are you gonna find Captain Britain AND Luke Cage action figures?!?

Monday, October 02, 2006

Some color comps for Charlatan Ball #1

Feel free to squirm and feel uncomfortable about these color choices...

The Best Car. Ever.

Wow. So I was coming home from a meeting at Disney today; driving on Zoo Drive, turning onto Forest Lawn--when I thought I saw THIS.

My double take confirmed, there was, in fact, R2D2 lodged in the back of this Honda, er, "H-Wing". You go, Mr. Shawn Crosby--the force is indeed strong with you.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


I'm having a solo art show @ GHETTOGLOSS GALLERY in Silverlake. Please tell and invite everyone you know!

More info to come!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I think I'm the only one...

--who still uses markers.

I openned up a "Comic Shop News" to see a little blurb on my upcoming comic and saw my little, rendered piece surrounded by all the others oozing digital "sweetness".

In other news I ran into K-l- B-k-r today who totally was a dick and disrespected me regarding Plastic Man. It was a harsh scene. Oh yeah, he has meaty palms.

Not as hot--

Thank you for looking at this site! Chris Battle just showed me how to create links which I will attempt tomorrow.

Here are some early developement for W-----W---- for the W-. Probably top secret and nothing definate, but I liked the hair treat on one of 'em. One looks like that Crossing Jordan chick, another looks like JonBenet--only not as hot.