Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Any day now, CHARLATAN BALL #6 will hit the stands, then the trade paperback collection a few months later--both with an advertisement for these shirts. But for those of you that read this blog, I'm making the tee shirts available immediately. These are high quality, limited quantity shirts you won't get anywhere else. Order them now and you'll be wearing them before the rest of the *world* knows they're even out!

Here's the new design, I think it really turned out great:"Big Evil/Little Demon"--is an image of the antagonist of our stories; the Chaos Mage pulling Chuck's strings, the one, the only, DEMON EMPTY. This came out really nice, vintage-style silk screen process on a high quality, soft, dark blue t-shirt. 50/50 blend. Available in every size.
We'd actually wanted to do this print back in our first run, but thought it more prudent (*cough* affordable!) to start with the Chuck & Caesar one.

Speaking of, after selling out of the first printing, we went ahead and did up another batch of the *classic* "CHUCK'S AMOK" vintage red tee:

These are really, really nice shirts. American Apparel brand, 100% cotton. Super soft, super high quality , vintage gym class, ringer style.

Here's THE AD, done by BEN KALINA (who also designed the shirts), that's about to run:

Use the safe, secure, easy PAYPAL LINKS on the side. I fixed the tabs so now you can even select the size instead of emailing me. But still feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Go ahead and order a few.

In the market to get your creations stretched across somebody's chest? Kurt and his crew at Brunetto t-shirts really did a first rate job. Check them out.

Friday, February 06, 2009


Along with illustrating the further animated adventures of BATMAN: BRAVE & THE BOLD, I've been compiling a TON of early conceptual sketches and roughs from CHARLATAN BALL, to put into the newly solicited CHARLATAN BALL TRADE PAPERBACK!

In addition to collecting issues #1-6 of the first series, the tpb will include endless pages of extras, drawings, color process and outline to final page comparisons--a virtual smörgåsbord of insight into our collective creative process. Not being satisfied with merely regurgitating and repurposing old artwork, I decided to include never-before-seen marker comps like the ones below. These will be special chapter breaks, 12 total, depicting an important character or element from the series. I'm not going to post them all (gotta have something to look forward to!), so enjoy these while you can.

--And please, PLEASE ask your local comics shop for a Diamond/PREVIEWS ORDERING CATALOG and ORDER the CHARLATAN BALL TPB YOURSELF(!), do NOT count on your shop to do it for you. Serious. Seriously. For reals. I don't want to hear about how your shop didn't carry it. They will if you order it. (All you do is fill out the form and hand it directly back to them!) Do it NOW; the deadline is any day now.

Sunday, February 01, 2009


...No, I'm not talking about The Smithereens (this time), but DAN McCDAID'S and GLEN BRUNSWICK'S "JERSEY GODS" from Image Comics, issue #1 hits stores this Wednesday--with variant covers (Paul Pope, Darwin Cook, Mike Allred to name a few), so go buy them all.

An amazing talent aside--Dan is singularly responsible for getting me into DOCTOR WHO (thanks for the books, Dan--btw!). I love this guys art! You can see more, including, development, sketches, finished pages and fan art (mine!) on his blog HERE.

Go! Go now! (and then come back for a special announcement from me!)