Friday, March 02, 2012


"Sorry, Archie--you and your Community Service Center didn't make make the new shorts." 
Buuuuut...even though Archie is a casualty from my original pilot from 2006, the pliable paladin survived and is indeed back--to be part of DC Nation's debut tomorrow, 10am on Cartoon Network!
Tom Kenny and I (and many other super talented people) did 6 brand new shorts, each a brisk 1:15 long. The first got a sneak peek via The Nerdist Podcast Channel here...

I will say one of the other (but not only) casualties from the pilot was my friend and artist extraordinaire, Stephen DeStefano. I would've loved to work with him again, but the timing and budget of these tiny 'toons necessitated a much more paired down, gorilla-style production (i.e. me cranking out all six over a weekend), but I hope I get to make more--and that I can invite all my friends to play. So please watch tomorrow (somewhere between Green Lantern and Young Justice I think)--if you like it, TELL PEOPLE YOU DID. Blog it. Tweet it. Tell Warner Bros Animation. More importantly, tell Rob Sorcher at Cartoon Network you want to see Plastic Man on their comedy lineup. If you do, there will be more! Or lawsuits. Either way.