Saturday, December 22, 2007

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


That was a questioned posed to me and Tom Kenny a few years ago--about a year or so prior to finally getting the rights (away from the Wachowski bros. and Steven Spielberg, believe it or not--here, read their script. ), to give birth or squeeze one out, as it were--of our vision of the goggled, goofy, pliable paladin we all recognize....except when he's disguised as a lamp post!

"Screw WB, screw DC!!!" cried our executive at the time-and albeit AT times, an ardent antagonist, but also our staunch supporter when it came to this crazy, crimson crusader. It was then our task to completely plagiarize Plas, recycling what we could from our already sizable development.

THIS is what we came up with. Well, I should spare Tom from this embarrassment. He was dead against doing anything other than Plastic Man. I didn't have Spongebob money, so I sang. I sang loud and I sang off-key.

It should also be noted I wanted to give SILLY PETER PUTTY here, a sidekick...named BABY BATTER.

This could be the closest thing you'll see to our PLASTIC MAN pilot, that is, unless you VOTE FOR AN ARCHIE BRONSON SPINOFF!


--that title was for Darrick to appreciate.

Anyway. I am SOOO happy so many of you have watched CIRCUS PEANUT and commented on it. Thanks!

Thought I'd attach a couple of recently rescanned images that were used in the pilot blogged below.

This last one isn't a new scan, but a bad xerox; I wanted to put it up because I've always felt it hit the mark in terms of what I always strived for with my markers...

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


A long time a year called 2003...there was a pilot that tested waaaaaay better than anything on TV today. In a land called WB and oversaw by an overlord that's had many faces and names called CN, there walked but a tiny Circus Peanut who had dreams as big as his best friend Francis.

It's champions, albeit "Davids" in David and Goliath proportion to the powers that be were Matt Danner, Aaron Simpson, the boys of 6point Harness (before they were), Kim Olds...and yours truly.


This video is for portfolio and resume use only. Copyright Warner Bros. Animation and to all others that apply.

...although I've reacquired the rights to the character(s) themselves.