Thursday, March 15, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce to you the official roster for BAM! INC.:

Okay; I'm not sure exactly HOW sad it is that not only did I do a drawing of my MARVEL ULTUMATE ALLIANCE team for PS2, but I'm actually posting it up. About as bad as doing drawings of action figures I posed out. And took pictures of. Sigh. I need to find a job.

That being said, I am totally addicted to this game. It. Is. Awesome.

Where else can you HEAR LUKE CAGE SAY: "You lose, small-fry!" or "Anybody else wanna come get some?!" and who could forget (in his simulator mission): "School's in session and I'm the teacher!"

Like I said, awesome.

Another bit of banter I enjoy is Doctor Strange's because he comes off as such a pompous asshole: "Only a fool would dare challenge a master of the mystic arts."

So my official team name is: BAM! Inc. Which was originally apprised of: (Ultimate) Thor, (Classic) Luke Cage, (Modern) Thing and the ultra hot (Classic) Spider-Woman. I then swapped The Thing out for the classic Iron Man...which I later switched to Doctor Strange and Daredevil once they were unlocked!

An update: I am currently in the icy Niffleheim region of Asgard, seeking Odin and battling trolls. Daredevil's taking a breather and I have Doc Strange back in the lineup--mostly because I earned a costume change and have him in the "Blue Mage" outfit which is MY FAVORITE!

That, and he can turn bad guys into boxes!!!

"I declare this victory for Asgard!!" --and I'm off!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

It's been awhile...AND: "An Affair With a Cintiq"!


I guess I could blame rejoining the 9-5 workforce the past 3 months.

It's hard to believe, but I've stretched and piece-mealed together 3 years of Developement work into some semblance of "living". It's rough not getting a weekly paycheck. I think my comic book purchacing habits were affected the hardest. it wasn't--I just didn't buy my girlfriend nice things.

hehehe Just kidding, Carlyn!

Needless to say, upon the behest of Mr. Stephen DeStefano and also NOT working on The Mighty B @ Nickelodeon any longer, ANDY UPDATES is back up and running!!! The free world will, free!

I WILL learn how to create links and add sidebars! I WILL once again have the time to check out everyone elses sites! I WILL...well, I don't want to overdoit. I've recently plugged back in my PS2, bought MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE and grown blisters on my thumbs from endless hours battling Doom Bots, seeing which outfits Spider Woman looked sluttiest. I will HAVE to post some drawings of my TEAM ROSTER! This. Is. The. Best. Game. Ever.

On another note, My first week on that abovementioned production, was spent using a CINTIQ. Hopefully from the previously posted posts below, you've gathered (what did you call it, Justin?) I like to kick it "old school" with the markers and the like--but I really dug getting into and exploring with this thing...until they told us NOT to use them by week 2.

Here's some of my Centiq doodles I mangaed to pull off during that glorious week:


Man, these folks are amazingly talented. They most definately got skills and they are using them on (my) Disney Short: "The Imperfect Duplicates of Dodger Dare". Look at them hard at work!

...but will someone PLEASE buy them proper sidetables?!


'Nuff Said