Sunday, August 23, 2009


This was the very last thing I drew before I packed up the art supplies and moved...
--I still haven't unpacked the pens.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"UM, WHAT!?"

So, what does THIS:

Apparently THIS:

I just found out I won an Emmy for "Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation" for Character design!!!

Wow, just two weeks after starting @ Cartoon Network I won an Emmy!? Hehe, okay, okay--it was for Maxwell Atoms' awesome UNDERFIST: "Halloween Bash", which I'd done over two years ago, consequently during that heatwave (--as depicted in that previous post of that time). My sweat is literally infused onto those sheets of 12 field animation paper. The heat was so bad I had foresaken any sort of proper drawing table or apparatus and used my soon-to-be-wive's 'hope chest', which was mere inches away from an air conditioner--the closest to cool I could possibly get. This had been a scary time for me: sort of a "no man's land", half-way point lull in my quest/experiment to stay home and do 'permanent' freelance. This sort of makes it that much more affirming and validating towards time well spent. That being said, I'm so happy and proud of the work I put into that incredible, albeit all-but-forgotten animated special/Billy & Mandy spinoff/pilot. It was a real cartoon--in its truest form and so fun to work on. It was extra special because I not only worked arm and arm with my buddy "Uncle" Phil Rynda, but in some cases, worked directly from development sketches which he had done before me. Plus, he more or less got Adam to hire me--so, thanks Phil! I'd share the Emmy with you, but you already got one! ; )

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


COLLECTING ISSUES #1-6, PLUS TONS OF NEW GOODIES! Seriously, I didn't put a lot of this stuff on my blog so you will go buy it. What are you reading this for? Go out and buy this book now!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


...or 'American Dream'; depending on the side of the street, I suppose. My wife, dog, two cats and kid-on-the-way moved to "the valley" last weekend. Transplanting ourselves from an urban-type a neighborhood where kids play in the street, instead of drug dealers (okay, ktown hasn't been that bad in awhile, I guess), passerby's waving hello--and a neighborhood watch captain that offers to help my preggo mate unload groceries from her car. On the surface, it's a totally foreign planet--but I can't help but be reminded of ROXY MUSIC'S "In every dream home..."

Amongst the boxes to unpack, I've also started back @ CN. It's nice seeing the old gang after so many years working from home--the company is nice (sorry, animals) and the experience of having a sort of professional "checks and balances" is worth more than getting a weekly paycheck (well, almost). It's also neat being able to play with new toys like a Cintiq (results above).

If I haven't replied to you yet, I will soon--I got a new computer as well!

Thursday, August 06, 2009


So, here I am, one day after the GA signing, three days after starting a new job, five days after moving into a new home and seven days after SDCC...These guys were awesome! There's me, Glen Brunswick, Richard Starkings and their respective books. All of which deserve wider recognition.

Ryan and James sporting competing shirts... and Jersey Gods' "Zoe" come to life: Diane relating to Glen.

Big mistake putting me next to the fudge stripes.

BTW; while not a member myself, I totally stole these pix from Starking's Facebook page!