Thursday, September 21, 2006


I'm having a solo art show @ GHETTOGLOSS GALLERY in Silverlake. Please tell and invite everyone you know!

More info to come!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I think I'm the only one...

--who still uses markers.

I openned up a "Comic Shop News" to see a little blurb on my upcoming comic and saw my little, rendered piece surrounded by all the others oozing digital "sweetness".

In other news I ran into K-l- B-k-r today who totally was a dick and disrespected me regarding Plastic Man. It was a harsh scene. Oh yeah, he has meaty palms.

Not as hot--

Thank you for looking at this site! Chris Battle just showed me how to create links which I will attempt tomorrow.

Here are some early developement for W-----W---- for the W-. Probably top secret and nothing definate, but I liked the hair treat on one of 'em. One looks like that Crossing Jordan chick, another looks like JonBenet--only not as hot.

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Some inspiration for CHARLATAN BALL. Gotta love the GENE COLAN!


Making a More "Appealing Design"

Okay; so, as you can see--these are hideous, hideous drawings. I guess when I first developed this idea I was in an "ugly drawing" phase. YOU know what I'm talking about. I also wanted to make Dodger Dare a kid that looked ambiguously from the 1950's. It was Mike Moon (who was by then) at Disney that encouraged me to redesign these suckers. I was furious at the time about all the late nights (ok, one) spent on some of these already. But, when compared side by side, I understood (just how bad I sucked! haha).

more side by side...

The Imperfect Duplicates of Dodger Dare OR "How I Got To Meet Lisa Loeb"

Here's a little diddy I'm currently doing fo Disney. It was an idea spawned way back, but, dispite better judgement, it really was best suited for "the mouse". I also took this opportunity to incorporate a voice talent I've always wanted, meet: LISA LOEB. Sigh. Oh, does Dodger's friend, "Beauty" LOOK like her?? Hm, hadn't noticed.


She does an AMAZING job (of course) V.O.-ing, and should be working more!

*Perhaps I'll post some of the ORIGINAL designs if anyone's interested--that is, if anyone's seen this blog besides Phil!


Since that is how I'm eeking by now that PLASTIC MAN didn't get picked. This was the one image I felt worthy to post out of over 50 or so drawings I did for My Gym Partner is a Monkey.

Interstellar Paperboys!!!

Here's a little pitch I did with Todd Casey awhile back. It was pitched only once: to Clasky Csupo--whom said they loved it, kept it, then told my agent every week that they were going to call one week later to make a deal. That was almost a year ago.


Anyone else want it?

Max Beckmann

So Max Beckmann is a German Expressionist painter I came across while in art school in Detroit so, so, so many years ago. At first he (and all German Expressionists) touched (me where I pee) and haunted me. Literally. I had incredible, horrible NIGHT TERRORS after reading before bed! Then, after living and performing in Berlin for 5 months (in THE RUDY COBY SHOW), I got to see a retrospective on him and George Grosz. Changed my eyes forever.

Wow. I sound like a total pansy.

Lobster Boy

Since being technically inemployed, I've had time to do what I dare say, "what I love most". I'm still trying to figure out how to take better pictures of my work. My old friend BOB SELF ( wrote me when I sent him this: "I can't stop thinking about how scary it would be to be a passenger in that

Slippery Eel

Jack Cole's 1949-50's Plastic Man Comics, Eel's road to redemption and fun: Mine and Tom's inpiration.


Here's some pix of something I'm developing over at BET. What?

Dynamite! Jones was a character I very cleverly removed from any Plastic Man bible materials (he was originally going to be Plas' boss). Dynamite is my not-so-subtle homage to LUKE CAGE: Power Man! More on this later, but I will say he drives around in a '79 Lincoln Towncar that has the voice of Abraham Lincoln (ala Kit in Knightrider)!


I'm sure you've heard...or the two people reading this are close friends already, but the Plastic Man pilot I worked on for so, so long--didn't get picked up. Sigh. I would or should take this moment to rant; but perhaps I'll save it for another time. As you might also know, it's something I pitched with TOM KENNY over 5 years ago (YES, PRE-KYLE BAKER!). It's developement process was a rollercoaster and I know your Uncle Phil said he'd do it different--but I'm here to tell you it was the CLOSEST thing we could get to our own vision while accommodating so many notes: from Cartoon Network and their myriad, ever changing developement teams, WB Animation, to DC Comics.

More on this later. I'm going to go cry.