Thursday, July 30, 2009


The CHARLATAN BALL TPB comes out this Wednesday! Come on by GOLDEN APPLE on Melrose and say hi!

A BIG P.S. Thanks to all of you that have emailed and contacted me recently--my apologies in the delay in response; but I've just moved and have yet to set up any sort of modem or email device! It's in one of these boxes somewhere...


Mukpuddy said...

Dude, me and my wife came over from NZ for the con and I didn't realise you were there... I'm gutted! I really wanna grab a copy of your sketchbook!! - Alex

wolfboy said...

Really!?? It would've been sweet to meet you!

I can also ship to NZ, if need be.

Diane said...

Hi Andy! It was great meeting you tonight. I just spent some time on your website and am now obsessed with your paintings. When are you doing another show? And why the hell didn't I buy "The Art of Andy" when it was right there in front of me?! Freakin' fudge striped cookies and their distracting ways.

Hope the rest of the night went well. Take care.

Diane (the new Jersey)

wolfboy said...

Thank you, Diane! I was a pleasure. It was so much fun to see JERSEY GODS come to life! You really are Zoe in the flesh.

Did you pickup that Daredevil tpb?


wolfboy said...

I meant: "IT" was a pleasure...must've been a Freudian slip. hahaha

Mukpuddy said...

Yeah That would've been rad dude! Next time aye! Do you think you'll do it next year?
Once we get back into the swing of making money that book shall be mine!!

Thanks bro!

Anonymous said...

Hope the rest of the night went well. Take care.

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