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Monday, October 05, 2009


Well, here's my team...
Seeing as how I only play one game a few times every 4 years, I haven't seen the point in "upgrading" to a better gaming system. Hey, if they're generous enough to keep putting games out for the older system , I'll gladly play them. That being said, after purchasing the latest "strategy guide" (see: "I suck", above), I get to see the game I COULD be playing on a newer system--as only 6 pages of the 300+ manual is devoted to PS2.


And so far, I've encountered technical "bugs" on two separate levels. On a side note: regardless of gaming consul, the developers took away one of the coolest features that was in the original--that being the plentiful costume options for each character (see: "classic" Luke Cage), and now only give you a choice of 2 and both are really lame (again, see: Luke Cage and even Wolverine's threads blow).

Just because I don't approve of Luke Cage's costume doesn't mean I excluded him from my lineup--he's my "heavy", Cyclops my well-rounded, Daredevil my agility character (since Iron Fist isn't an option for the PS2--another BIG strike against it) and replacing my former favorite flyer-and-not-available-for-MUA2 Spider-Woman is The Human Torch (depicted above in the way he typically appears when I play him).

Anyone interested in my previous foray into the original incarnation of this game, click on the link below.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Okay, so it's another drawing of MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE. But at least it's in markers.

Each character has their own, unique way to "throw" bad guys. Luke cage take 'fools' by the back of the head and slams them, face first, into the ground...repeatedly...until they are dead.

Here's a shot of Dr. Strange (Blue Mage outfit*), doing HIS throw--which is levitating the bad guy (in this case, an A.I.M. goon), suspending him in the air, flipping them upside down, then drilling them into and all over the ground like a top!

*it should be noted I have since switched Strange's costume back to his classic look for energy consumption benefits.

MARVEL should definately hook me up for all this free publicity!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


...okay, so I'm on my 2nd playthrough (this time on 'normal' difficulty) using 3 out of 4 of my same characters--hey, I like what I like; when I cought myself imagining LUKE CAGE and SPIDER-WOMAN having a "thing":

Luke Cage: "Damn, woman--can I get fries wit' dat shake?!"

Spider-Woman: (Sigh)

Monday, April 02, 2007


--just wanted everyone to know Luke Cage, Doc Strange, Spider-Woman and Thor successfully beat Dr. Doom; thus bringing down the Masters of Evil and consequently saving the world!!


On the "EASY" level.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce to you the official roster for BAM! INC.:

Okay; I'm not sure exactly HOW sad it is that not only did I do a drawing of my MARVEL ULTUMATE ALLIANCE team for PS2, but I'm actually posting it up. About as bad as doing drawings of action figures I posed out. And took pictures of. Sigh. I need to find a job.

That being said, I am totally addicted to this game. It. Is. Awesome.

Where else can you HEAR LUKE CAGE SAY: "You lose, small-fry!" or "Anybody else wanna come get some?!" and who could forget (in his simulator mission): "School's in session and I'm the teacher!"

Like I said, awesome.

Another bit of banter I enjoy is Doctor Strange's because he comes off as such a pompous asshole: "Only a fool would dare challenge a master of the mystic arts."

So my official team name is: BAM! Inc. Which was originally apprised of: (Ultimate) Thor, (Classic) Luke Cage, (Modern) Thing and the ultra hot (Classic) Spider-Woman. I then swapped The Thing out for the classic Iron Man...which I later switched to Doctor Strange and Daredevil once they were unlocked!

An update: I am currently in the icy Niffleheim region of Asgard, seeking Odin and battling trolls. Daredevil's taking a breather and I have Doc Strange back in the lineup--mostly because I earned a costume change and have him in the "Blue Mage" outfit which is MY FAVORITE!

That, and he can turn bad guys into boxes!!!

"I declare this victory for Asgard!!" --and I'm off!

Friday, December 29, 2006

Mighty Marvel Team Up!!! PART 2

Well, since no one sent me any drawings, I did one myself. C'mon! Email me, let's get this gallery rolling!

*It sould be noted that I did this piece in my BRAND NEW place!!! I've got a seperate studio and this was actually the first drawing I did in the new space! I also am sick and did it with a fever...