Monday, July 20, 2009


Just announced at the Image Comic's Panel:

This time we're delving into the horror/supernatural medical genre. It's been a long time coming; you can actually uncover clues I left in a couple of the last year's posts. I'm absolutely loving doing this book.


Tom said...


jc said...

looks like another winner. congrats.

Dan McDaid said...

I am ALL OVER this.

Congratulations, Mr S - this is going to be brill!

andy kuhn said...

awesome to see you last weekend!
can't wait for your new book.
congrats on your new gig with genndy.

andy "KHUN" indeed! :)

Custom Coaster said...

If this is a project done by you two this is an amazing comic indeed! I hope this new book is something as amazing or more then the first team up, magik to medic.