Thursday, July 02, 2009


...And that's all I'll say about this post.

More to come.


Dan McDaid said...

Oh man... lovely stuff.

I just started working in col-erase blue meself, and I will never, ever go back to graphite.

Stupid question alert: why are these pages so dang yellowy?

wolfboy said...

Hey Dan! Haven't heard from you in awhile--your killing on JERSEY GODS!

Yes, if you're inking your own pages, putting a graphite line over your blues is sort of redundant-- and can kill the energy of the inks; at least in my opinion.

As for yellowing; I couldn't figure out a way to scan in the non-photo blue and have it show up better. I'm sure there's a better setting--I just don't know what it is.

--btw, happy 4th of July! Ha! In your face, you blimey british bastard! hahaha