Sunday, July 05, 2009


As I'm sure many of you out there are as well, I'm a huge fan of supermen-like advertisements on the side of trucks, vans and stores. Usually, the worse, the better--but for the second month in a row, BOGIE'S LIQUOR on Melrose and Vine, here in Hollywood has had some pretty kick-ass window paintings depicting the likes of SUPERMAN (promoting Father's Day, of course); and up this past week was CAPTAIN AMERICA! He really ISN'T dead! But, better than ripping off a LOST storyline (sorry, "Reborn" spoiler!), he's risen to announce the celebration of America's independence...and spread the word of the savings you can get purchasing alcohol inside their establishment. Bravo!

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tiny picnic said...

You are one of the few people I know that would notice a little gem like that hanging out in the middle of a hustling bustling Metropolis, Andy!