Monday, July 02, 2007


Waxing nostalgia...

Despite (or is it, IN spite) of fearing being “that guy” who continues to live in the past (WHAT BET job opportunity that I just turned down?! Ughh), I 'recently' came across THESE, 'not-so recent' images from a far too far-gone time in my life…I know some of you saw the specials on FOX (back in '95)…and even less bought these comics from Image. Coincidentally, I had inked up to issue 3 of this title as well (I’m on #3 of Charlatan Ball—BELOW/previous posts), Let’s hope my latest venture makes it from the presses to the shelves this time. Who owns these? Uncle Phil? Anyone?

A week or so ago, I met up with an old friend from this era, who was in town from Vegas to do a show here; watching him perform amongst other circus-folk and artists…reminding me of my many years feeling like a young voyeur into the world of European Varite, remarking in bewilderment how people can make a living throwing darts up into the air and catching them on their target-fastened-to-their-head-contraption.

Have you ever seen a hula-hoop bag? Well, I have.


Uncle Phil said...

man. I don't own one... but I have seen one on ebay, and thought about bidding. The "buy it now" price-tag of 99 cents seemed a little steep at the time.

But yeah, I saw the Fox special when it aired and I loved it. Labman has been etched into my brain for a decade. I think it's so cool that you were part of the show.

True renaissance wolf-man.

HyunChard said...

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