Monday, July 02, 2007

Plugging Shameless: GODLAND

I wanted to take this space to talk about an incredible, cosmic trip called GODLAND.

The reason why I love this book isn't because it's cocreated and penned by my CHARLATAN BALL partner, JOE CASEY--nor is the reason for my amore the KIRBY-tastic awesomeness of TOM SCIOLI's art (I loved his work way back on FREEDOM FORCE: the video game--and I introduced him in sorts, to the MINORITEAM crew (sorry)...after I wasn't going to be continuing on the series (thank GOD for Stephen DeStefano!))--no, no, I love GODLAND because of THE INCREDIBLE ISSUE TITLES!!!

"Never Say Janus" is my favorite!

Check out some other issue's titles...

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