Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Meant to post this last week. Page 14 from CHARLATAN BALL, issue #3. I feel alright with it, save my HORRIBLE SENSE OF PERSPECTIVE and BACKGROUND INFORMATION. The crazy, alien, yoga-chicks all seem to exist on seperate planes as well...but I really dig the DASAAD-looking chick in the foreground, plus, they're aliens--so fuck it! Hopefully, I put better care where it counts and with this page I was just having fun with the characters.

That being said: I definately could use someone like JUSTIN THOMPSON'S layout skills. And good grief; please check out his awesome paintings on his blog. Really inspiring!

Previously in blue...

Oh yeah; I obviously redesigned WRATHBURN (from "Emberland"), yet again...


T' said...

Some amazingly cool stuff! There's so much kinetic energy in these panels! I love that last one the best as it has no outlines; it's like the shapes themselves are trying to hold in his ultra-virbronic amazingness. A few images are clipped, but so what? Those inks are to die for. You really get a lot out of that brush.

SeƱor Chips said...

Hi Andy, we should really have that lunch sometime. I miss you... in a guy way.

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