Monday, November 03, 2008


I know, I know, the last place you want your politics is on an artist's blog...but even these lines blur, not only for political and editorial cartoons, but with the recent push of the DEVIOUS "ORPHAN WORKS BILL". Hideous, truly. I Urge you all to check out the latest (if you haven't already). This affects you and your work, everything on our blogs could be taken away from us and used by giant corporations, in effect, we'd have to buy back our own drawings!? And believe me, none us could afford to.

Anyway, I want to talk to you about another of my, er, urges...tomorrow is election day, please, dear God, vote! As a fervent supporter of a greater-than-two party system, I understand any cynicism about finding actual change and the Herculean task to bring it about--but my urge is to ask all of you Californians and fellow transplants to look closer at the propositions, namely PROP 8. If you have a TV and you've turned it on once in the past couple months, you've seen what you probably thought were SNL "skits" showcasing performers pretending to be parents, preachers and teachers, attempting to BAN (i.e. discriminate) gay marriage. Hilarious AND repulsive, no matter which way you "swing". Ah, who could forget such classics as "The King and the King", you can buy it HERE on Amazon! Speaking of swingers, my favorite is when the rosey-cheeked (see: "fat"), woman and her chubby-chaser hubby cry: "they are eight years old for God's sake" or some such thing. To which I propose, WHAT'S WRONG WITH TEACHING CHILDREN TOLERANCE??? I might add, most of those impressionable young beings could grow up to be--GASP! tolerant adults! Could you imagine? Oh, the horror...
...speaking of, you know that couple in the ad are into twisted, kinky shit behind closed doors. The priest, teacher? Total pedaphiles.

That's why I ask you, I mean, urge you to look closer, think about what it means to eliminate rights, because that's what allowing the proposition to pass will do. Regardless of how you "feel" about same-sex relationships, it shouldn't be our place to tell people they can't be miserable like the rest of us married folks! hahaha VOTE NO ON PROP 8!!! I'll say it again: NO on 8!

I might add, NOT voting is the same thing as allowing it to pass!

For more info, check out NO ON PROP 8 DOT COM

And now some art! These marker designs were from a freelance gig with SIX POINT HARNESS a couple years back called "Capital Zoo". Can you name, spot all the pundents, politicians, mayors and muckrakers?


RAWLS said...

Hey my friend! I am very tolerant of yer super great character designs!!! I won't comment on the whole prop 8 thing, as you probably wouldn't agree with my opinion, but I love the art!!

Dan McDaid said...

Andy, I bloody love you man. And I mean that in a *wholly* gay way.

...and the drawings are wicked.