Thursday, November 06, 2008


And on to a less controversial topic: I have art pieces in not one, but TWO "ITTY BITTY ART SHOW"s on not one, but TWO COASTS! Completely unrelated. 'Great minds' and all that, I suppose. The 1st is at my favorite new place: Leigh Medeiros' YES GALLERY AND STUDIO in RHODE ISLAND. I created two very small, very affordable mixed media HARLEQUINS. You can see my pieces on her site HERE.

Here's the 4x9...

And look how cute the gallery is!

Her show opens this FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 7th, running until the end of the month.

And here's my "fire sale" priced piece for Mayra's MONKEYHOUSE TOYS & ART GALLERY Itty Bitty Show:

A decidedly different piece than what will show @ YES. This opening will be this SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 8th, 5-8pm.

So, depending on your zip code, go grab some affordable art from a smorgasbord of amazing talents. Landlocked in middle America? Go to their websites and feel free to contact them.

YES Gallery and Studio
146 Water Street
Warren, Rhode Island
(401) 245-7174

Monkeyhouse Toys & Art Gallery
1618 1/2 silver lake bl.
los angeles, ca 90026


YES Gallery + Studio said...

Thanks, Andy! ANOTHER Itty/Bitty?? Wow. That's wild. You're a hot commodity in the world of small art.... Okay, big art too ;)

wolfboy said...

Is it because I'm barely 5'5"?

RAWLS said...

Wish I could be there for either of them. Congrats my friend... great stuff!

Custom Coaster said...

This is SO awsome and such a bummer at the same time. I lived ibn Rhode Island right by a Yes Gallery, but now I'm in Jersey, still it would be fun to go up there would a weekend!

Anonymous said...