Wednesday, November 12, 2008



Well, after being juggled between different networks and production companies the past few years, Dynamite Jones finally got his day this week when I pitched my storyboard for Cartoon Network's Shorts Program: The Cartoonstitute. I bombed. Bad. Inherent, initial story issues aside, their decision to pass was completely justified. About a quarter of the way into the pitch, I could feel the energy drain and I knew I was way off mark, comedy-wise. The worst part about finding yourself in that position is knowing you have at least 3/4 more to go. That's when the sweats start! Ha. Regardless, I had a blast getting to explore Dynamite's world further than before, though I am a little bummed that I won't get a chance to play with other storylines, at least not immediately--

DR. DOOMENTHAL D.D.S. was the antagonist for the short, along with his mandroid indentured servants...get it? huh? huh?

About half-way through doing the storyboard, I had the idea that the dentist-inspired villain would be more visually interesting based on MODOK versus Dr. Doom. But I really liked the acting I was able to get out of the previous design, so worked both in--y'know, like wedging a shoehorn into a shoe that's already too small. are you starting to see why it didn't fly?

Thanks to BATMAN: BRAVE AND THE BOLD's BEN JONES for helping me with the design!CHARLATAN BALL colorist Marc Letzmann sent me this image below to help me smile. Perhaps making him one of the JONas brother's would hit a key demo! hahaha Thanks, Marc.
Who knows, maybe eventually I'll be able to do a really funny Dynamite show somewhere. In the meantime, I was thinking of doing some comics for the hell of it. What do you think?


Mark said...

Let's give comics their dues: in comics, getting an idea from your brain to the public, via your pencil, seems a lot quicker, more straightforward, and a lot less tortuous.

Anonymous said...

Can you post the storyboard for Dynamite Jones that you pitched please?I really wanna see it.

wolfboy said...

Hey Kirkh, I will try some time next week.

RAWLS said...

hahah... the Modok version is classic!!! Bummer about the pitch dude... looks cool though!

roque said...

This is such a sad post!

I can't even imagine how one of your ideas could get rejected. The artwork alone is worth the cost of admission. (Then again, far be it from me to even begin to know what today's animation "execs" are thinking...)

It's only a matter of time before you get your proper day in the sun. Whether that's on tv or through comics (how about a Suriano feature?!!), it'll happen. I'm sure of it.

SteveLambe said...

Damn.....sorry to hear, dude.

Honestly, that one of been one fantastic show to work on. I haven't seen the boards, but style wise it's would have been a lot of fun...and more importantly, unique.

Next time we hang out, I shall buy you a beer to pour for your dead homie.

T' said...

I'm really sorry to hear that it didn't go. Any chance you can try and develop the property as a comic on your own? And I'd like to second the notion of seeing the boards. You have all sorts of stuff to teach. Thanks!

wolfboy said...

Thanks for the kind words, guys--and I'll definitely take you up on the beer, Steve. But like I said, I freely admit to being off-mark, in terms of the type of show/comedy they want now. Or ever. hahaha. I DO have the rights, I CAN do a comic and I do have some fun ideas for Dynamite.

Dan McDaid said...

Ach, sorry to hear that Andy. This all looks pretty rad to me - love the MODOK tooth guy (MOLAR?).

Would it cheer you up if I bought your book? :)

wolfboy said...

It does help, Dan. It helps a lot.



Chris Battle said...

Bummer, man--- but you're in good company (COUGH*The Modifiers*COUGH) amongst the snubbed (COUGH*Fopperlily*COUGH), right?

Dylan said...

That Doom / MODOK hybrid dentist i possibly the coolest thing I have EVER seen.....this week at least!

Justin said...

Great work on here Andy! Sorry to hear things did not go over well with it. Looked like a really rad idea and character.