Tuesday, July 01, 2008


I've been listening to D. STICKER ENSEMBLE nonstop for the past week or so. Check them out, they only seem to be on iTunes and such; it's a purely digital age I suppose. If anyone else has heard of these guy(s?) let me know--I know nothing other than their album "Seasons of Sticker". Sort of reminds me of Neutral Milk Hotel, or Matt Suggs from White Whale.

This is SO incredible:


Michelle Bickford said...

While I can very much appreciate the complex yet simple beauty that is woven into this Luke inspired Gaelic Sea Shanty Folk ballot ditty... then mixed with the juxtaposition techno world of Star Wars, I am not sure I could listen to it for a week straight... but I can see how listening to D. Sticker Ensemble's music would enhance your painting experience;)

MrMonkeyfingers said...


I play in The D. Sticker Ensemble and you can check out our website and actually buy the CD from a few places. All of the info is on our website: http://www.stickersongs.com/

This version of the song is really a demo if you will of the song. It was recorder one night in the living room of D. Sticker in LA. After we recorded that song the idea of a whole CD came up and over the process of about 2 years [members of the band live in 2 different states] we recorded a full CD which was mastered but Mike Klooster of Smashmouth. The version on the CD is a lot different. Glad you liked the song and video that was all D. Sticker on that one! Hopefully you'll enjoy some of our other whacky tunes!