Sunday, June 29, 2008

Video Comic Review

It's a long way to go for a sentence, but it's exciting nonetheless!

...continuing a steady flow of good reviews. I can't wait for later issues (and much better art) to hit the stands.

Thanks again to everyone that's picked up a copy.


Tom said...

Long way to go for the quick mention indeed, but an entertaining trip! I loved the first issue, your work on the book is incredible and the story/characters certainly have me interested, can't wait for more!

wolfboy said...

Wow, thanks Tom! I dig your pic--very Kevin O'Neill.

Custom Coaster said...

Hey that's pretty good the review. I was really hoping for a longer one like a "keep an eye on" part of the video. I loved the drawings since everything from the floor to the smallest eyebrow of the tiny flying men. I thought there could have been more, but really what would make me come back for the next issue if everything was in one issue, lol. By issue 5 there should be a longer review all hoping!!