Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Tee Shirt #1 just arrived!!'s Chuck Amok and his pal Caesar in a classic vintage style look. Nicely silk-screened, no rubbery iron-on feel.

And while I'm trying to figure out how to put together a merchant account and paypal button on the blog, let me know if you want to reserve one and at what size (S-2XL). (Act fast! Quantities are limited.) They are super-high quality American Apparel ringer tees. Sort of slimming, so you may want a size up. Thinking, $20 sounds about right?

Depending on how well these sell, we'll do another run with DEMON EMPTY and his hover-car riding Demons!


Custom Coaster said...

I have three feelings at the moment One I'm really optically turned on by this shirt! Two Shocked that this blog isn't shut down with an isane amount of requests to gain this awsome shirt really if there was a way to get this shirt today I would reach into my pocket and pull out the right amount for this joy. Anyway since all I know are a hand full of characters from the comic it's great that your thinking of making more, but mostly I'm gonn skip the Demon Empty and go to the next one it's just not me I say still go for it I'd like to see a pinup, hell it might change my mind, lol. Also I'm a XL, but like you said a size up 2XL, please I can pick it up even, but I want be creepy like that just want to make my point that it's an awsome shirt!!

ModHip said...

Hey Andy, Please save me one Tee in a size medium!! Thanks!!

wolfboy said...

You got it, guys! Paypal buttons to be up soon--check back.

ethan said...

Hey Andy, can I get a shirt too? Medium. Thanks!

Dan McDaid said...

I have bought a t-shirt! Please send me a, er... 2XLG. Thanks you!