Thursday, July 03, 2008


Well, THREE, if you want to be technical. But technique is what I'm talking about, in terms of stylistically. I don't know, maybe you can find the similarities--but they're all sort of compartmentalized in my head.

This first one I did while on my honeymoon...yeah, I'm pretty romantic. Anyway, I had an idea for a CHARLATAN BALL spinoff and wanted to show Joe. I liked this sketch so much so that I redid an entire page of issue #5 to include these guys. Actually, I've pretty much redid all of book 5 because I felt like I was cutting too many corners, especially after seeing issue #1 printed and bleeding on the pages, so to speak. That being said, issue 5 is single-handedly the best work I've done, to date. I can't wait to post some...but want to be somewhat of a tease.

Another doodle for #5, PRE-honeymoon. I dug the design and shape of this guy.

And now to shift gears for something altogether different. This isn't a design for my Dynamite Jones character, per se--but he fits into the world in a strange way, curtesy of my friends Eric and Paul at HOUSE OF SECRETS in Burbank. More to come later!


tiny picnic said...

Again Andy, your quick sketches are REALLY fantastic and full of life. The top two remind me of Federico Fellini's "Book of dreams" that I told you about some time ago. I saw it at Kenny's and we both thought of you while flipping through the pages.

Custom Coaster said...

I love the characters there is a great thing about staying away from realism, since a mind is more free about what a person looks like without a photo. And since this egg shapped man is in his gorly and all it's his real height and shape, which is awsome. Also your ON issue five damn I need to get my head in this media better, that and I'm way behind in my own private book, well not porn just not published by anyone that will put it in a store,lol.