Tuesday, June 24, 2008


--That has totally knocked me on my ass, recently.

The first is more GODLAND covers. It's interesting, in the latest KIRBY COLLECTOR #50 (or, as it appears on the cover: "KIRBY FIVE-OH!"), from Twomorrows Publishing, Godland artist and fellow JOE CASEY collaborator TOM SCIOLI said in an interview, oh God(land), I just looked it up to quote--but must've gotten my sources mixed; in any event, he had said somewhere that he was going to "stop trying to do it the Kirby way", or something along those lines--and problem solve as he, himself as an artist would. Whatever he's doing, it's working! Check these out:

Then of course, good-golly there's Tim Sale...yes, he's the artist behind the artist that paints the future, but Issac never painted like this. Those colors are amazing too, huh?

Now, check out this Argentinian artist, MAX FIUMARA. He's collaborating with writer JOE KELLY on another Image title called FOUR EYES. Wow. His inking takes my breath away. I know how that sounds, but...look at these pages!


T' said...

That IS some amazing inking. Makes me want to turn in my brush and pen, really. Gads. Though your inking pretty much makes me feel the same way. You have some real dynamics with your stuff. Don't doubt that!

CosmicPencil said...


I would like to pick up that Joe Kelly book as well.

I also was reading your statements on Tim Sale, and I was watching him on an extra on the Heroes DVDs and he stated that all the work he did for the show is in black and white because he is color blind! Wow! Who would've thought it? Another artist I love, Duncan Fegredo, is also somewhat color blind and he painted some books in full color!

Some great non-you art posted. I have been meaning to pick up Godland for awhile, but planning on trade picking it up. Although I'll still be picking up the floppies of CB as long as you put them out.


Mark said...

That second GODLAND cover would seem to indicate that Scioli is on the verge of a giant leap forward.

Oh, and Howard Chaykin is apparently another colour blind artist known to whip out the paint-box!

wolfboy said...

What?!? I had NO IDEA all these guys were color blind! I love both Fegredo
and Chaykin, who, btw Image is putting out an AMERICAN FLAGG COLLECTION! Speaking of collections, Matt--pick up the GODLAND "CELESTIAL" Edition book. It's beautiful.

Sorry I didn't see/answer these comments sooner.