Tuesday, June 17, 2008

COVER #4...

Okay, so by now everyone that reads this has gone out and bought at least 3 copies of CHARLATAN BALL #1, right?? I have. In fact, I've donned fake glasses and beard on some occasions to go into the same shop TWICE! hahaha Big thanks to Mr. Andrew Salmond, all the way in the UK and our own "Uncle" Phil Rynda here in the states for their promoting of said, above mentioned book. Super-secret, ultra-rare, highly collectible Charlatan Ball tee-shirts that are being printed now will be sent your way! Send me your sizes.

Thanks to those who wrote to me, a big thank you, my blog messages rarely reach double digits--I've a lot more (of your) links to add. Please keep writing in, let me know what you think as the series progresses. Personally, it was a strange and almost irksome feeling to pick up the book, in all it's floppy-paper goodness (or bad) and stare at work done almost 2 years ago that I feel looks muddied and awkward in comparison to the pages leaving my table now. Oh well, I hope readers hang in and stay on board, it's going to be one hell of a ride!

I also wanted to address those of you who weren't able to find CB#1 at your local comic shop; or those who're confused as to why this would happen or think the book might be late in any capacity. First off, Joe and I have nearly 6 issues already in the can, as they say, prior to issue #1 hitting the racks. That insures us, and you, the buying public that the book absolutely, positively will be released on time. That being said, for whatever reason, apparently Image books sometimes are delayed a week, give or take from their intended release date. It's not that we the artists are behind, but could very well be that Image's printing #'s are lower than the "big 2's" and Diamond, the distribution company waiting to pack more books per box. I could, of course talking out of my ass--but it sounds good, right? Another reason could be a lot of smaller comic book retailers are afraid to carry books being published outside of Marvel or DC. But keep asking your no doubt condescending shopkeeper to order you copies through his or her Diamond/Previews ordering catalog. Back issues are usually available, even after they're released.

That being said, I guess numbers on the first issue have been decent, as in good, as far as Image titles are concerned. Reviews have been pretty good too! Some dare I say "great" even...then there was one that graded the TV show CHUCK comic higher than ours...let's see if that lasts. At the very least, folks are writing, commenting and reviewing this book out of a massive piles and sea of others.

There was some questions regarding the image I posted previously. That is in fact the cover to issue #3, due in stores Aug. 20th. I'm not sure why so late, as issue #2 hits racks July 16th!?

Before I go back to posting non-CB related materials, thought I'd share some more of my process creating a cover, in this case, for issue #4:

I usually start with a handful of thumbnails--some being only a few inches tall. Scanned, I send over to Joe Casey and get his thoughts. This drawing actually replaced a few other ideas I had previously decided on. It felt right.

A little tighter and "at size", I wanted to send Joe a specific shot of Chuck's acting, etc.

The final inked version, scanned by my good friend who's credited with "digital assists", Ben Kalina.

Then on to Marc Letzmann, who colors the thing.


ModHip said...

Hey Andy, I love the first issue of Charlatan Ball!! It was everything I hoped for and more. I was wondering if you will have any of the Charlatan Ball tee-shirts for sale soon so I can rock them out this Summer?? Please let me know!!

wolfboy said...

We're working on 2 very cool designs for CB TEES right now--they should be available in a month, just in time for comicon!

...and yes, as soon as they're ready, I insist you rock them out this summer!

Mr A. P. Salmond, esq. said...

Hey Andy,

Thanks very much! You'll be happy to hear the book was a well-received sell-out. For the t-shirt, the first man on staff to really jump up and down about the book was our blog column writer Tom Hardy, so I think any shirt should go to him. He should happily go with a medium, I imagine. Thanks again, he'll be over the moon!

- Andrew.

wolfboy said...

You got it Andrew.

And thanks Tom!

tiny picnic said...

Andy, even your beginning sketches are FANTASTIC.. I bet even your poo is a piece of art;)

wolfboy said...

Oh, it is---I mold it like clay and use the corn for eyes!


Tom Crowley said...

Thanks very much Andy! It was no problem at all, I really enjoyed the first issue, this series is going straight on my regular buy pile!

(And yep, this is Gosh's own Tom Hardy. Crowley's my renegade creative alias.)

CosmicPencil said...

Another one finished.

I am eager to learn about who all these characters are in CB.

As to your question on shipping dates, I believe Image has books ship certain weeks of the month. There are certain times when I've seen books go to different weeks when Image has a heavy month. Although I might be mistaken on that, so don't quote me!


ModHip said...

Hey Andy, Here is my email. mod_hip@yahoo.com Please let me know when the CB Tee's are avable for purchase!!

wolfboy said...

You got it, Mr. Mod!