Wednesday, May 02, 2007

KITH Program Cover

--though, it's debatable whether this will be the final piece. The producer thought they appeared too much in opposition; which hadn't even crossed my mind...but come to think of it...

I'm really batting below my average lately: I definately did NOT get the Spider-Man gig. They went with "Cheeks" designs. Can't wait to see them, he's got some really cool takes on things.

As for the image above--Yes; I was definately ripping off old-editorial cartoons and especially the work of A.B.FROST (though mine was far less skilled). Wanting to put some sort of personal stamp on it I collaged on xeroxed-down crossword puzzles into the jockey's shirts.

The one(s) I did last year (which were used) were tighter, plus I used glorious zipatone!

I got inspired by their old theater posters (which you can find with some digging/googling)--which had that underground/college feel. Plus I intentionally was steering away from actual characatures--with little time to do anyone justice, so was hoping to find something to only evoke the sense and energy of the combined might of Dave, Bruce, Marc, Scott and Kevin--collectively being KIDS IN THE HALL.

I'd tell you to go see them, but they're already sold out.

More tomorrow.

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