Sunday, May 20, 2007


"...the best cartoons not on TV!"

Self-fulfilling prophecy?!? Yikes.

Some of you have told me you actually OWN these little known 'gems'. hehehe. I saw a great review somewhere that I'll have to dig up (something to the affect of: " the very least, a chuckle.") Hilarious.

I look at these and think of all those late nights, over ten years ago, sweating and feverishly cutting ZIPATONE...most of the ideas were contrivant and lame...while others, okay, maybe only one--may still spark a creative flame within me now. Hmm.

A more than partial love-letter(s) to John K. and Spumco; I did issue #1 and pencils for #2 back home in Michigan...from my parents basement: "Aaaaandy, time for supper!". Looking for a way OUT of Detroit and IN to animation, I used these as my portfolio, of sorts. Luckily, an art director had actually seen one prior to my arrival--which helped immensly; though I still had to test....which I failed. I think it was for Futurama when it was first starting. John K never actually even opened my portfolio. I know: I had it rigged w/a tell-tale piece of tape!

These images are from my BHP website, which was designed by art director extaordinair Doug Griffith (he was the Macskinz/Podskinz creator). Only 2 issues came out and I think I made a total of $200. Hopefully CHARLATAN BALL will take off and I will be able to sell some of the SEVEN ADDITIONAL BOXES Image Comics gave me!


murrayb said...

I bought it at the time thinking you were maybe a sideline spumco bigshot, and I thought the "fried baloney samwiches provided by andy's mom" stuff was a joke, heheheh.

wolfboy said...

Aaaahhhh, YOU'RE the "one"!