Wednesday, February 03, 2010



Dan McDaid said...

Ha! Excellent!

Is this digital? Did you get a tablet thingy that worked out for ya?

wolfboy said...

Hey Dan; I've got some stuff to send to you--wanted to wait until it was done. In any event, YES--this entire thing has been all digital. Only eight pages, but testing to see if I want to do DOC BIZARRE (which is almost all thumbed--via computer) digitally as well.

I'm using a cintiq which is amazing, but I will say this: saving time scanning has been a blessing, having a history/redo button is beneficial as well--BUT I'm nowhere near as fast as I am working traditionally and I don't make as many mistakes using pen to paper. I'm not sure if it's because I work it out more in pencil prior to inking, or if it's being confident--or is there a laziness with knowing there's "command z" at my fingertips?

I also discovered the pitfalls of being able to zoom in so close on the tinyist of details; somethings are supposed to remain more abstract. I don't know, you'll see what I mean when I send you more.

wolfboy said...

ALSO: in terms of finding a digital "brush" that works is really hard. Only thru trial and error and customizing, tweaking and constantly adjusting could I get even this close--still not as easy as a brush pen.

T' said...

For what it's worth (I know I'm nowhere near your level) I've found I'm faster with a brush than with digital means (mostly Illustrator) precisely because of the ability to edit so much. Also, I really miss the feel of the brush against the paper. Still, you do remarkably well no matter what media you use!