Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Since I posted the final version of the cover in the previous post, I thought it would be interesting to show the process that went into it. Above and directly below are tiny thumbnails to run past the editors. More or less variations on the same idea.
They went for this one; with the minor note of having Batman and Aquaman reflected in Ocean Master's crystal, versus eyes...

*In response to a recent comment posted, this cover and all of my Batman Brave and the Bold, Gym Partner and Charlatan Ball pages are available for purchase. To see more, just click on the link in the left hand column (under the teeshirt ads), or just go here.


Morgan said...

I really like 1, with all the sea creatures underwater-stampeding at the two. Least, I think that's what's goin' on, ha.

And I got your sketchbook today!!! Really great stuff! Especially loved all the Plas artwork.

Sidenote: are you going to be at San Diego Comic Con this year? I need to compile a list of artists to track down so I can round up their sketchbooks beforehand to get signed in person!

wolfboy said...

Glad you liked the books, Morgan. In hindsight, I would've/should've done a Plas sketch in there...

As for SD Comic Con this year--I'm not too sure, yet, as I am trying to finish a new OGN for Image in time to actually have something totally new to hock.

As per thumbnail #1, I liked that one too--but was thankful to not actually have to clean up so many undersea denizens.

Morgan said...

Haha, don't worry 'bout the sketch; troll dude is pretty cool, albeit a lil' creepy!

Gotcha about SDCC.
work > conventions, always.

Bubbles are quick and easy filler. So are swarms of sea urchins and stars (so long as they don't look like Starro).