Thursday, June 18, 2009


That's it. Wrapping up with issue number 58, there will no longer be any MY GYM PARTNER IS A MONKEY in Cartoon Network's Block Party title from DC Comics. I actually completed this final 8-pager last year. It was such a blast and I'm going to miss drawing these characters so much. It was also one of those rare times when the actual creators of the animated series were "allowed" to write for the adaptation! In this case, Tim and Julie Cahill--as well as story editor Tom Sheppard. Such. A. Blast.


But check out this BILL WRAY COVER! Incredible!

And here are a couple of my original pencil pages from this issue:
Page one.
Page four above was a "mad scientist" montage.

I was really happy with how much I pushed the squash-n-stretch with the characters in page six (above). Sometimes, when given model sheets for these things, the tendency is to remain so faithful the character's stay somewhat stiff and immovable. So I was happy I pushed it a bit.

Page seven: KIRBY crackle!

And the final panel of the final Gym Partner story, page eight..."Goodbye CDMS".


Thanks Tim and Julie and Tom and Dan Davis and especially, the best editor in the whole wide world of comicdom: Liz Gehrlein!

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Chris Battle said...

I saw this in the comic book shoppe. It was pretty. You are a good draw-er.