Monday, June 22, 2009


Way back in CHARLATAN BALL ISSUE #2, Chuck and Caesar found themselves in a hooka-inspired, India-like landscape. I had an idea that didn't quite make it into the book of Chuck purchasing a flying magic "tile", instead of the typical magic carpet. I wanted it to be like a carpet or tile liquidators warehouse. But, the book being 18 pages, this little tangent didn't make the cut. What ELSE didn't make the cut? These development sketches for that issue inside the CHARLATAN BALL TRADE PAPERBACK, finally available for sale the week of San Diego Comic Con! These would've been fun to see in there, but truth be told, we had so many sketches, roughs and other special treats just for the TPB, so I thought I'd share these here.

But what you should be asking yourself is: "if THESE didn't make it in, then what DID?!"