Sunday, June 21, 2009


Those of you that know me, know I like my afternoon "stories"...and have a penchant for armchair bidding on The Price is Right. Even when I had a job, I didn't let a little thing like employment get in the way of getting caught up on who attempted to kill who, who slept with whom, who was possessed by the devil--and how much Gold's Medicated Foot Powder cost in 1998 versus a V8 juice in 2009.
That being said, and being an avid comic book fan, collector and creator--the best crossover event of the year wasn't Civil War, Secret Invasion or Dark Reign--it's not even Final Crisis or Blackest happened last week on the Price is Right and The Bold and the Beautiful! Behold--and beware, Galactus, eater of worlds...

Do you think he won some cheese with that "brand new caaaaarrrr!!!"?