Thursday, April 23, 2009


I was so excited to see one of my favorite, more obscure Marvel Characters in his own comic one-shot last week: BETA RAY BILL. For those unfamiliar, he's a horsed-faced alien version of THOR. I was so inspired I did some sketches. I know these are totally ridiculous (look at that ill-jointed right arm), but thought them fun enough to post.
I would love to work on a series with him. Anyone?
Here's a drawing of him getting, er, "blasted" by BLASTAAR, another one of my favorite characters--I've been so happy to see these types of folks pop up in the new GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY series.


Anonymous said...

i love your line quality so much!!! keep up the great work!

Tom said...

I would totally buy a Beta Ray Bill series drawin by you. Awesome sketches!

Ben Balistreri said...

Great Beta Ray Bill drawings! Thor #337 is one of the greatest books of all time!