Monday, April 20, 2009



My apologies in advance for the "graphic" nature of this new post. I came upon these drawings looking through a sketchbook I kept while performing at ACME Comedy Theater.

If you think these are in bad taste, you should have seen my more offensive Gingerbread Routine on stage.


Kristen McCabe said...

hahahaa! These are great. The baby being birthed on the floor has the most hilarious expression on his wittle fwace.

You need to draw a lady giving birth in a tub next. The whole giving birth in a tub full of water always boggled my mind.

I've gotta see more of these drawings in your ACME Comedy Theater sketchbook.

wolfboy said...

Why thank you, Kristen! I was JUST thinking about you and your amazing art--totally weird, same frequency sort of thing, huh?

tiny picnic said...

Boy, now THAT'S some visual birth control. Love the varicose veins on the ol' mommy bags there.
... how do you know about stuff like that?!?!!

Uncle Phil said...

wow! poot... oh man.