Thursday, March 04, 2010


Just working out some designs for an upcoming issue of BATMAN BRAVE & THE BOLD. I guess it's obvious who Batman will be teaming up with this time...
I love this character! Knowing Jame Tucker and Co. like to go retro, I sketched out the above STRANGE ADVENTURES version with the scales. That being said, the modern version below is one of my favorite DC costumes of all time.
I made the mistake of thinking the super-animal rights-hero's jacket was leather.

Which version did they decide on? You'll have to wait until the issue comes out!


damon said...

nice i like

Morgan said...

I'll admit, I just wiki'd this guy, as I've never heard of him. Very interesting costume- it's like Booster Gold/Aquaman fusion, which is pretty neat! Hooray complementary colors! Nice work!

Dan McDaid said...

Wow - I also love Animal Man, and you've done 'im proud! I dig the retro look, but yeah - this is the one time the whole 90s "spandex plus jacket" look really works. Go Nineties!

PS. I think the jacket *was* leather originally, till AM wised up.