Monday, March 01, 2010



After stretching the thumbnails for the Doc Bizarre M.D. one-shot into a 60+ page OGN, I've begun the arduous task of inking. I'm attempting digital inks, though it's making me miss my Tombos something fierce. I feel like I'm deadening the energy of my drawings too much. I'm sure I'll eventually loosen up, but how many pages will suffer before I do?


Scott Brothers said...

I have a quick question if that's cool. What brushes do you use?(digital brushes that is) I've been looking for a Photoshop brush that mimicks an actual brush, and your digital inks look great! Thanks in adavance.

marco's blog said...

this looks great. have you tried inking in manga studio? they have a pretty nice brush in there options there...

wolfboy said...

Hey there; first Scott:

Utilizing one of the preinstalled calligraphy/slanted brush presets, I then tweaked and tweaked it in Brush Tip Shape until I found the closest thing to my Tombo I could. I think the exact title is something like "Brush Tool Hard Elliptical 30 1". Make sure you then SAVE IT as a Tool Preset. That being said, I need to continuously adjust the angle and roundness as I'm inking--so that the tip is facing the way I want it to. Still not perfect.

Hey Marco--as for Manga Studio: I just bought that program a month or so ago. I still haven't even figured out the basics. Dan Davis, who inks all my Batman Brave and the Bold stuff, swears by it though. It looks awesome, I'm just waiting for a time when I won't be too frustrated to figure it out.

Hope this helped. As always, thanks for reading.

Scott Brothers said...

Cool, I'll give that a try. Thanks!