Monday, January 25, 2010


I was super excited to see a feature on the Flash animated short I worked on on the CHARACTER DESIGN BLOG. I probably was Pete Oswald's last choice I suspect and I'm pretty sure everyone else he'd asked balked at the very aggressive, labor-intensive 4-week delivery schedule; so he needed somebody for storyboards and I needed a gig--plus have been wanting to collaborate with Pete for ages, so it worked out all around!

Pete was great to work and collaborate with. He was very open to my ideas and accepted some of my designs as well, even though he's an amazingly talented designer himself. I had forgotten how fun it was to volley creativity back and forth--and I think the end result really showcases that for everyone involved.

The project was called "WALLS" and if you are eligible to vote, it's up for an Annie Award in the Short Subject Catagory.


pumml said...

Looks incredible, Andy. Can't wait to see it.

vikram said...

hey Andy, It was really a fun working on "STORY OF WALLS". I worked as a character layout artist on the same project(And painted some backgrounds too.) Its my honour that I had a chance to work with great artists like you, Pete and Chris. Though we didn't work together, you were there with us through your storyboards. I learnt a lot from your storyboards and it was really inspiring to work on your boards as well as Chris' Layout designs.
Hope we stay in touch further.

Graces from India,

Pete Oswald said...

Andy, thanks for your amazing work. You are a talented man. It was a pleasure to work with you.