Saturday, January 02, 2010


...especially compared to fellows like Dan McDaid, who got me into the Doctor in the first place.
Nevertheless, after watching the final David Tennant DOCTOR WHO on BBCA tonight I just felt like I had to draw him. Sad to see him go; though excitedly, shamelessly looking forward to watching a certain ginger headed companion in the next incarnation (a weakness of mine, I must confess). That being said, my wife and I loved, LOVED Eccleston's Doctor season one revamp (thanks for the dvds, Ben!).


Dan McDaid said...

Ah, now this is a lovely thing. Really dig the restrained pallet, the wicked quiff, and the scumbled in TARDIS - super cool.

And another vote for a) Eccleston and b) the new companion over here. I am tumescent in anticipation of the new series.

Happy New Year to you and yours!

PS. Thanks for the kind words.

Mark Kardwell said...

I would have given this a thumbs up sooner, if it wasn't for the trouble I've been having migrating to Windows 7. Next time, I buy a Mac!

Anyways, this doesn't suck at all, you've really captured the man.

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