Monday, October 06, 2008


As "Fireboy", whomever you really are. Oh wait, did I meet you and your friends @ SDCC? (w/the bootleg Clone Wars art?) In any event, you asked to see more of mine and Marc's process. It should be noted that for the 1st issue, I had done MARKER COMPS, trying to lay some ground rules, build a template so Marc and I could form a dialogue and thus try to arrive at the some place. Or at least same country. For those faithful readers of the updates, you'll recall these posts here, here and here. If not, you should check them out, as they are filled with wide eyed hope and unfiltered marker goodness.

Here's a back and forth from CHARLATAN BALL #4 (out in stores end of the month!) , this happens to be PAGE 8...
My raw B&W.
Marc's 1st pass and my subsequent notes: I had been experimenting and trying to grow with laying blacks down and utilizing it to help weigh the page down. With that in mind, I asked to have all those self-colored "Kirby dots" (big, open panel 3) changed back to black. I also thought this would help push the lightning out better. Sometimes doing nothing is better.
...and sometimes it's not. Marc then added a nice glow to the cloud in panel 2.
Almost there (and Marc wishing it was done)...
Caesar's missing teeth!
...and the finished page!

PAGE 13...

I wanted to break up the panels a little using color...
Can YOU spot the differences? Read "Highlights"!

And then some steps from BOOK #5, PAGE 11, that I didn't show in the previous post below...
Below is an example I sent Marc of what I was thinking for this crazy Game Show HOST-like character that literally "pops" up...
1st pass...
My follow up: I wanted this scene to be as if it were The Second Coming...askewing all of the colors in an eerily pink glow.
Then seeing it in actuality, I felt like it just sort of washed everything away so no one thing was special.
...and then Marc's follow-up. I nice compromise and slight vindication as far as Marc's original instincts. Sometimes I need to see how bad my notes actually look to realize it was right the first time. This happens quite a bit.
Well, there you have it. Hope you've enjoyed my displays of trials and errors.


roque said...

Great process post. Love it.

CosmicPencil said...

Makes me glad that usually I color my own work, although that doesn't work out the best sometimes.

Thanks for the step-by-steps.

Because of you (partially) I have begun my voyage through the Fourth World and picked up two omnibuses and preparing to pick it all up (as well as OMAC).

Can't wait to see issue 4.


fireboy said...

Thanks for doing this, Andy. And my real name is Quinton. I had nothing to do with Clone Wars art, bootlegged or otherwise. But you did a lovely drawing for me in that fantastic sketchbook I purchased from you at SDCC. Every house in America should have one on their coffee table.

I particularly like the separation of panels using color that you mention. It helps the story flow better, especially when you are naturally drawn to the larger "splash" images at the bottom of the page. It keeps my focus up top so that the sequence plays in the right order.

Keep up the great work!