Saturday, October 14, 2006

My favorite marker comps for Charlatan Ball#1

Pages 3 and 15...

--this is taking me FOREVER to finish. Mostly because all of my markers are in my office @ WB. I haven't been there too often these days, preparing for my painting show on the 27th. There's no deadline for the comic, per say--but since this will be a monthly series, me and Joe Casey (the writer) and IMAGE COMICS (the publisher) agreed to wait and solicite until we have three books in the can (buying us time in the future). Sometimes I think (I) need a deadline, though, so I have a definative goal--when to cram for. YOU know what I'm talking about! How often do we wait until the last week of 4 to do our storyboard, or model pack?! How many days spent exchanging dirty drawings of production coordinators, or meandering around cubes until lunch? Anyone else used to crawl under their desks and sleep on the pile of gym clothes they had accumilated down there?? Just me? Ahh...I remember on Samurai Jack, when they had the Xbox set up w/ the huge TV. I never knew how to play--but I was good at watching! Chris Battle had skills, I recall! Charlie Bean got really into it as well.

I also think I'm crazy for trying to pencil, ink and color. Anyone want to help me? I always wanted to do a book with Justin Thompson doing amazingly surreal landscapes and cities. He's genius. Also Dan Krall. Both BG layout Gods to me.

Anyway, like any art director, my concept for this book would have a definative color style--since the main character "Chuck", gets transported from bizaar world to bizaar world (like SLIDERS), in a transdimensional deathmatch with dueling, real magicians (Chuck being only a slight of hand Earthman)--I want each destination to have a distinctive, unique feel.

Here's a couple of other pages I did that I'm happy with. These will actually go to a digital colorist, btw--who will hopefully interpret correctly if he's got any color sense at all.

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Kathryn Alcorn said...

I am in production of the Utrecht Art Supplies annual catalog and looking for a marker comp to feature. This would include a bio and links on our website

Time is of the essence, so please send me a contact number or address to

Hope to hear from You!