Wednesday, August 27, 2008


...I believe is what I said in my ART OF ANDY Sketchbook. Those who've picked one up know what I'm talking about. Those that haven't...should pick up the book!

TM and COPYRIGHT Andy Suriano


tiny picnic said...

These are FANTASTIC... I really really like the limited color pallet. We can't wait to see what springs forth from your never ending creative mind!!!... and the pipe is a nice comic touch ;)

CosmicPencil said...


I believe the 'correct' reference was "Everybody AND THEIR MOTHER has a sci-fi gumshoe idea". I see the 'label' for the post mentions Charlatan's Ball so I am eager to see where this 'Dick' fits into the world.

I must also admit my love for the cover of the November issue, Charlatan's Ball #6!!! It's probably my favorite so far that I have seen!


wolfboy said...

Thanks Matt, that's my favorite cover as well. We're all really starting to find our groove, style wise.