Wednesday, August 13, 2008


We're exactly 1 week away from issue #3 hitting the shelves (mark your calenders!). Instead of posting up a preview of what you'll see next week, I thought I'd post bits and pieces of CHARLATAN BALL #5, coming out in October (which feels like a long ways away!).

I actually had some of these originals floating around in a portfolio at the con. Until my good friend and collaborator BEN KALINA scans them at full size, I've managed to pick and choose a piece-mealed sampler for you...

Issue 5 has a lot of big-robot-action:

Here's the same image, only in it's preliminary state:

To add to the thrilling excitement is a...BANK!

Pulse pounding BANK MANAGER-ACTION! haha

And one of the coolest characters around: "THE HOST", part David Bowie, part Chuck Woolery--

And no comic book is complete without WILFORD BRIMLEY!

...yeah, it's a strange comic book.


Michelle Bickford said...

Your black and whites are SO strong they don't really need color.

Mel Maduro said...

Looks like an instance issue, especially the stern looking bank manager. I loves it, as usual.

Quinton Peeples said...

Issue # 3 was superb! Loved meeting you in San Diego! Keep up the great work!

Kristen McCabe said...


I love the skin tags on the bank managers head.

Dan McDaid said...

I love prelims.


(also, tiny picnic is dead right)